a man or a clown

so many women on the dating sites, are now looking for men to make them laugh, im beginning to wonder should the modern man be taking classes, to be trained as a jester, and endlessly study joke books, that way we could amuse the women full time, as they prepared the dinner, and ironed the shirts. a jester suit, with a spiky collar would be compulsary.
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i think alf already studied that!
Since i met him i keep laughing like i always have a clown in front of me!
Unless he would turn his face into tiger looks over the monkey in front of him,,
then i could laugh more and more!

Seriously...too serious is too boring! Just needs some balance,chemistry and sense of humour!
redclown hey im a clown watz wrong with being a clown...boxing

rolling on the floor laughing
thats the spirit ms. S,,,
Hahahahahaha yez u are 120% lol
It doesn't help a guy get laid.dunno

Trust me, I've triedredclown
you don't have a spiky collar on smitten so your not registered.
thats weird mikey, cuz i get laid all the time...redclown watz u doing wrong buddy...confused
mike wore them out so much telling jokes, they were too tired.
@ mikey
Oh why mikey why?????
Where u will put urself??

Sex of humour
Sense of humour???

Why not two?

Shelly, sometimes you confuse me. lol But I can tell your a real sweetheart.hug
@ mike
Dont be... If u know where to stand just put on ur shoes so u wouldnt step on torns!

Honestly, i realy missed the mike that i used to know when i started here!! U change 4 urself not 4 others!

I like this girl.
i knew, i know and im sure!

If u wana change 4 her, start from urself!
How can u step to the 3rd stairways without stepping the first one??

Even thou u didnt tell or ask me, i can sense!
Not a humour but i can feel!
sorry but...redclown redclown redclown redclown redclown redclown redclown redclown redclown redclown redclown redclown redclown redclown redclown redclown redclown redclown i really really like this emoticon...redclown
ben my friend
i think women mean a pleasant company,someone who prefers to make a joke ,than say a sad story or nothing at all .and my girl knows if a have fun ,doesnt mean i am a clown.besides i like women , that make me lough ,espacially on sexgrin cheers
@ alf
f** höney u had sex with other grl?
Sackz... U never told me that ur laughing while having sex 2 others?
i know that alf, just posted the blog, to gauge the reaction, not getting fitted for the jester suit just yet.
I love to laugh! But as with all things there is a time for laughter and a time for seriousness. I think women are looking for a balance of both. Most men take themselves soooo seriously, so maybe women just want to stipulate their expectation that humor be part of the package.
nicest thing .....

babies would come about from vending machines. NO SEX INVOLVED.

We would not need women and HENCE ... we wouldn't care about whatever they want or ask for ....

ya, wat venus said, thats wat i meant 2...drink pouring buddies drink pouring buddies
bah; i sent venus a flower, but it was blocked, and im supposed to laugh, i give up get me the jester suit.
ben i believe it is good to laugh and to have a joke
aslong as we dont become a fool in the process.
handshake cheers wave
so do i royster, but its good to see the reaction to the blog question, i think laughter means the same to everyone.
If the chemistry is there, the laughs will follow. Some guys might not be funny to most people, but maybe a certain girl brings out their sense of humor.

For me, well yes I would hope they know how to have fun and laugh, but in a natural way. Not forced or insincere.
cant agree more, den, but some people are natural comedians,, and great company. be it lover or friend.
who's den?
sorry, drea, the mince burned on the frying pan a slight distraction, caused typing error,
den is ben, with "d" backwards...ok, when u talk to ur inside voices sometimes that happens.....confused
Ben I remember when I went to Ireland, we stayed in B&B's all the time.....and I gained so much weight just from eating the breakfasts! But I couldnt resist....so damn good. beer
yes the full irish in the morning is tempting all right, known to front load a few extra pounds.
well smitten, i try not to listen to inside voices, have enough trouble with the outside ones bellowing in my delicate ears, ha ha
Ben, please check your flower box bouquet
checked and accepted venus, Irish eyes are smiling, in gaelic=[ go raibh maith agat ] thank you very much.
dude w.t.f?
if a woman is that sad and pathetic & mentally screwed that she can't find something on television or see the ironies of life on this planet to make her laugh & so on then she seriously needs to look at her mental state.
a woman doesn't need a clown she needs a man!
I agree you cant expect others to make you laugh should be able to do it yourself.confused
well i like a clown...redclown ....tongue
i suppose the ideal for the woman who likes the clown, would be the man with a natural wit, a wise crack artist, well thats not a very good way to describe it is it, [ wise crack ] i mean
,,, i wouldnt reply...unless u ask!
Or i will delete mine so u'll beat me and ask??
Coz u really made me confused!!!
U kn0w what i mean, mr.cl0wn man!
actually wat attracted to me to my partner, was his sense of hahaha amongest many other things of course, i think a good sense of humour is totally smexy, and hes soooooooo much fun to be around, love it, love him........redclown
I guess we can see the couple of guys here who don't have a sense of humor. Why is it so wrong to want the person you most likely spend the majority of your time with, to be happy and able to see the humor in life. This world is a crazy place, if you can't find some humor in it, you are bound to be depressed. But to each his own, guess the woman are better off watching TV than hanging around you, is that what you are saying?dunno
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