Frustrated with married men...

Trying to find a half way decent, single guy is hard enough already. What makes it a bit frustrating is when married guys are more aggressive at trying to get to know you than some one you might actually be interested in. Equally frustrating is that, when you've found a half way decent guy, is that what you have to look forward to - that he's gonna go after some single chic later on down the road... dunno
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Really embarrassing.I want to be your mate
there are no guarantees cnote, people will stay with you only as long as they want to, if they fall for someone else you have already lost them, in 1 year, or 10 years time, but you still have to take a gamble for love, why? because its magic.
Thanks, Ben! At least some people still believe in a little magic in this world :D
umm ... I am afraid that its male-human nature to run after chicks .. useless tryin to invent morals and excuses to hide it ... THE RISK IS ALWAYS THERE .... same goes for the chick of course ..

... he said: "go and fill the world" ... "mix genes as much as possible" is what he actually meant ...

i could say that, the love that fades away coz there is another 1 on the not fully love or there is something wrong with u...
I mean, if u did all, that can keep ur man/woman on your side then why do they need to look at those on the road???
Or in other words, he/she never love u at all means!
yup!!!! the same old, same old, same old, day in day out GETS OLD,,,, BORING a new piece of a** is like a drug the male chromosomes are genetically pre-programed to be addicted to,,,, UNLESS YOU FIND THE ONE!!!! then it never gets old, but people these days are in such a rush and have NO MORAL INFRASTRUCTURE,,, i mean would you in a country where even the president CHEATS???? I DON't THINK SO!!! (^^^not me personally, i prefer being honest,,, about being friends with benefits,,, no strings,,,no kids,,,no tampons in my bathrooms, lol)
You're right Shell. If it's real love, it'll work, even with all the ups and downs.
Brain - I appreciate your honesty.

There are faithfull guys out there.
Im one of them, Some of us would be satasfied with one woman..

Maybe it was the preference of man that you choose as well.
If you are going for the player that flirts well than what would be expected?

If it was a more shy person is it less likely he will cheat...Off course.

Just my thaughts.
professor It's in the genes you see.....

It's all about ensuring the bloodline will continue, so the gene will override whatever the brain is thinking.

roll eyes

talk to hand Actually, this what David Attenborough had to say about the male lion and I just felt like posting it.laugh
Frustrated with married men..... Well ... why don't you look for the ones who are NOT married....

I'd never look for a married woman.... or a woman - who's tried the most ... who just need a friend ... to go for the Theater or Cinema...
Perhaps your doing something that attracts married men! Some say the best one's are taken, but many times those that are taken get divorced and become single!! confused dunno grin
God bless!!
very truecheers peace
Cowhand - I am NOT looking for married men, thats why it's frustrating.
Rubendario - thanks :) hopefully my 'best one' will meet up with me soon. Wish you all the best, too!
10kohms !!!!

SHAME on you !!!!! Are you implying that CNote100 is a chick ????

SHAME ON YOU !!! Apologize to her immediately !!!

scold scold scold scold scold scold scold scold
adelmansour Sana'a Yemen
6 minutes ago
10kohms !!!!

SHAME on you !!!!! Are you implying that CNote100 is a chick ????

SHAME ON YOU !!! Apologize to her immediately !!!

Up to your old tricks again?thumbs down thumbs down thumbs down
hi cnote, yes it's all hard, some say there married cause they dont want relationship or some just are really married one a fling on the side, not to sure, hope you have good luck
CNote100 is a beautiful redhead of those very few one can find on this website.

Now, 10kohms wrote in his comment about chicks, trying to imply that CNote100 is a chick.

All I am asking from 10kohms is to apologize promptly and publicly to CNote100.

Is it too much to ask ? Shouldn't he behave like a gentleman and apologize ???? confused confused :confused

scold scold scold scold scold scold scold scold
Cinrad !

I am not up to any trick !!! All I am saying is that 10kohms implied in his comment that CNote100 is a chick.

So what is the problem in apologizing to CNote ?

Besides, what do you know about young and beautiful ladies like CNote, since you are looking for women 99 to 99 years old ? (your profile).

professor professor professor professor professor
Conrad !!!

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing laugh laugh rolling on the floor laughing laugh laugh rolling on the floor laughing tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue
Issues with english?
(my comment doesn't refer to the blogger s: ... refers to one of the commenters)
My dear rude 10kohms !!

You called CNote100 a chick ! Aplogize to her immediately, as i ordered you. Probably you don't know, but the word chick is offensive.

scold scold scold scold scold scold
10kohms !!

It was referring to the blogger...there was n other woman before your comment but Cnote !! scold scold
c note is a sexy looking chic, whats wrong with that, she is a big girl, im sure she can take it as a compliment, im sure as a woman, she would be delighted if everyone said she was like a nun
Some one's nagging and bogus gentlemanship is boring big time ...

Do u really think that CNote100 is gonna consider u whatever u may say or do or think or anything??


Thx for explaining ben!

the issue is that he doesn't know what chic means ... that all!

@10kohms !!

My little ignorant Maltese....

There is a BIG BIG difference between chic...and prick !!!!

professor professor professor professor professor
Adel, don't you mean pric?rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

If chick is a female, and chic means sophisticated....

And prick means jerk, what would be a good definition for "pric"?

Maybe a sophisticated d*ck? rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Just kidding, guys kiss kiss
just for the record, i did not take offense at being called a chick.

adelmansour - i appreciate you trying to defend my honor, but I am capable of voicing my opinion when I feel that I am being disrespected. I dont believe that was the case here.

Ben - I actually like wearing black & white lol
Defending your honor wasn't his intention here.roll eyes
thanks for your insight, Billy. I was only trying to be nice. If you had broadened your scope, instead of rolling your eyes at me, you would have seen that, too.
Sorry. They weren't meant for you.

It's just that some of us are getting a bit sick and tired of the antics of a certain person around here.cheers
Don't mind adelmansour ...he's just playing his soggy Sao game in the blogs again.
Truth is, that even some of the single ones are probably married. Not all of them, but some of the are, and this type of site makes an easy hunting ground for philandering adulterers.
Been there. Done that!
Bring on the aggressive married men, and I will lure you in, and then crush you like a bug, one sack of crap at a time!
Tell me you're single and you better be prepared to provide references.
(sorry...had a bad day!!)
Billy - okay, thanks for clarifying. handshake I'm new here, and haven't had the 'opportunity' to have read more of his blogging...

BBW - thanks for the warning. Sorry to hear you had a bad day. Feel free to vent... this is a 'frustration' blog :)

I am sure u spent hours lookin up chic and chick in the dictionary and yet u got it WRONG AGAIN adel !!!! LMAO!!!

the term chick is very very very often used in colloquial english to simply mean a 'good lookin girl' or simply 'girl' ... check this out adel instead of the formal, outdated and rotting dictionary on your grandpa's shelf:

then he comes around boasting a crap masters degree completed in the stone-age (he's as old as god mind u) ...

@10kohms !!!

That uurban dictionary u mentioned cannot be campared to the likes of Webster's ...Oxford...etc.

But anyway, for someone like you...with such a tiny intellect...and who know? maybe a tiny "reproductive organ" that dictionary you mentioned was all you could aspire to.

@10kohms !!!

That urban dictionary you mentioned cannot be compared to the likes of Webster's ...Oxford...etc.

But anyway, for someone like you...with such a tiny intellect...(and who knows ? maybe a tiny "reproductive organ" too !!) that dictionary you mentioned was all you could aspire to.

@ BBWfansdream !!!

Are they for real or pumped up with silicon implants ??

Is it because of them that your nickname is BBW fans dream ? Or there is no coincidence ?

confused confused confused confused confused

idiot ... In a conversation, u should not take words for their strick meaning!! u oughta look at the 'colloquial/informal meaning' of the words ... and what I suggested give EXACTLY that ... u can trash your oxford crap in this case ... dumb!!

still trying yet all in vain
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