The police just took my ex-husband part 1

The police just took my ex-husband to his fathers house.
I have a cut on my hand, and a big bruise on my butt…but I still have my sanity!

For the last month, since I discovered David’s 5th affair during our marriage, he has been living on the property…firstly in the granny flat, and for this last week, in the spare bedroom. We have been separated under the one roof, but still on a couples rate Centrelink payment and still keeping the joint accounts.

Although, I do have one just in my name…I’m not that naive! Considering that he went immediately to the bank and cleared out the joint account, seems I was prudent in assuming the worst!
He has been telling me that he wanted to sort things out and hoped that soon we would be moving towards being husband and wife again. I was unsure that I even WANTED him back and was giving him some time to get his head together before I laid down the ultimatums, and hear answers to the questions that would finally answer that big question to me….did I want him back at all.
He’s been affectionate and giving plenty of hugs and kisses…even this afternoon, we snuggled together in bed for several hours.

Tonight, I found out that he has been continuing the affair with the internet woman since he came back. Despite telling me that he wanted to rekindle our relationship, and that he had made the decision to not have the internet again, until after he had had counselling about his ‘problem’. He has had a modem the whole time and he has been chatting with her...and web-camming since before he moved back to the house. He had actually been keeping the modem in his underpants while he was sleeping!

What brought on this shitstorm tonight?
This evening, after HE went to bed, I came back online on my computer and went bout my usual stuff.
I went back to the BBWChatCity site that I joined 3 days ago…after all, I am a BBW, I was separated and I was….well bored and wanting some gratifying worship from BBW crazy fans! So, sue me!!
I had a private chat request from a woman, who just happened to be the woman he had been having his most recent fling with! (See previous blogs for gory details!)
Some eye opening discoveries!
David has in fact he had been chatting online with her since January...and so in fact he was also cheating on her with the other woman who he’d had a fling with earlier in the year! Bastard!
I had a nice long talk with her...a truly lovely woman whom he had lied to and omitted to tell her was married. And boy, was she was mad about being made an instrument in his adultery, because she was married for 20 years to a guy who cheated on her also. Don’t mess with a woman who has felt it before!!
To make matters worse, not only had he been chatting with her, but been chatting with her AND her two children
When the shit hit the fan earlier in the month, he tried to spin it to her, and make out that we were already separated and that I was crazy stalker ex or something, who was just out to make his life a misery! Try spinning that when you just happened to omit the past 10 years of your life, and that you were married then at all! Well, I spose the part about poisoning his playground worked coz she told me to tell him she wants nothing to do with him and he'd better not come back to the BBWChat site coz they would tear him a new one if he did.
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Help me understand something, you say you went back
to the BBW chat site, because you say you are seperated
so what are you complaining about your husband cheating
on you , with someone women online. Has he met these
women in person? Because if he hasnt then you both are
cheating on each other with people you met online that
you dont know in person. I am confuseddunno
I understand your comments...its hard to fully explain the dynamic of the situationt down.
If you havent already, I would suggest you read my other blogs.
I joined this site to make friends and penpals.
I joined the bbw chat site to meet people..flirt a bit with people who love BBW's and make friends.vid was still there
It turned out to be a complete meat market! Not my thing at all!The day I looged in I had intended to log in and then close my file I treferred rAfter the big break up a month ago, he moved outown...then I got the private chat request.
Before I let him back, we talked and he said he wanted to work things out. He knew there were problems and he wanted to get his head straight before he even knew what he was going to say. I had not made up my mind if I would take him back, because although I love him very much and probably always will, I knew I deserve better and so save my own sanity and self respect, I would walk away.
He asked me to let him back to the house, while did his head sorting, and he agreed he would get help...stay off the internet...and be truthful out of respect for me.
I wanted the marriage to work..I love him, but I also know I was strong enough to end it and move on. My hope was that he would get his head straight and realise what he was losing.
The more time I gave him, the more affirmation I got from him he was back on track.
So, in short...he broke my heart. Then he was telling me our marriage had a chance...gave me hope...then I discovered that everything he told me was a lie, the hope he had given me was a con for whatever reason! So, he broke my heart was all over again!
I am sorry maybe i shouldnt of assumed the worst
concerning you in the situation. I was in a marriage
where he was addicted to porn. He never said anything
abt it to me before we were married. Lets just say
he got caught bigtime cos he came home late one day
and i had accidently hit the history button and it
brought up all the porn sites he had searched and
i was so upset, i threw his clothes in his suitcase
and when he walked in and saw my face, he said i
will go pack, lets forward 10 yrs later. I finally
had enough of it and got me a gorgeous latino
boyfriend and filed for divorce, he moved in with
3 online girlfriends. the first 2 kicked him to
the curb once the passion wasnt there anymor and
he is now with his 3rd online gf. and we are divorced
for 2 yrs now. but even when i took him back after
the first one, he ordered 6 porn movies he claimed
were supposed to make our sex life better and he sat
on the edge of the bed watching them almost l week
glued to the, with very little sleep so i knew he
would never change. So i feel for you and all the other
women who have cheating husbands and bfs, my latino
fiance also cheated so i prayed for God to send him
back to panama. so now im right with God for 19 months.
I hope you get over the hurt your ex caused you. It
takes time and i could never trust my bf again after
i found out he was a cheater to. Us girls need to stick
together so we dont find losers like we hadhug
Absolutely spunkey272 , we need to stick together!
Poison their playgounds, pee in their paddling pools, and take their little cheating lieing arses down!
Everyone in raise your hand!
Which is why it is all the more amazing is that after the property settlement, I will be including the woman that David messed with, a visit on my worship the goddess world tour t meet all my new friends! She is sticking with us too!
head banger
We girlz have to be strong and even one sign
that women beaters, cheating bfs and hsbands
we should encoruage are betraying us, there
toast. I watched a talk show in may that gave
was about how to know if a guy is going to cheat,
so do you want to know a little informaton i know
head banger

I cant seem to wrap my brain around this one either. I would have thought someone hiding a modem in their pajamas is something that would be a major red flag to anyone
Well, I didny KNOW they were in his underwear!
By the time I knew that, marriage was over to me!
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