Would you convert to your partner's religion?

Imagine you meet someone who has a different belief from your own. In fact, you are spiritual, but not religious, you somehow have found your spiritual path, but now the person whom you regard as a potential future partner definitely wants you to convert to his/her religion. He/She can trade anything, is flexible about anything, except religion. You start studying that religion, you feel there is something deep about it, but you don’t know if you can really follow it, completely commit yourself to that path. And you know that if you just adopt that religion to marry him/her and finally you are not able to practise it well, he/she will be disappointed. Would you take the risk and still convert?
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It depends but I think I could not convert unless I believed
No way! Similar values are very important in relationships.
definitely i would if she was a sadist, ouch that hurt, kinda nice like.
Got the cuffs and whip waiting bright here for you, Ben!grin devil you bad, bad boy scold grin
*right here...blushing
dont tempt me venus, im not to be teased with, gggrrrrr
That's Mistress Venus to you, bad boy Benny!devil laugh laugh
No I would not... i married in mix marriage he was catholic I am spiritual/atheist we had many problems due to this... and then when children are involved its worse... i liked to have my daughter make up her own mind, the religious side, tried to force it down her throat, it made her very upset at such a small age
I've managed to get this far in life without being brainwashed........

so I ain't gunna let it happen now.
I agree with you Billy....hey wait, there's someone behind you! It looks like...like....no! Mona Lisa don't do it!!

Poor Billy, never brainwashed...but instead, brained by Mona Lisa! May he rest in peace...sad flower laugh
talk to hand Psst Venus. It ain't really the Mona Lisa. Just trying to impress upon some French lady here that I've been to The Louve.

Oh, and as Mark Twain wrote...... The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.grin beer
No, that would mean he isn't religious but fanatic, and I wouldn't take that.
True conversion takes place in the heart - not by marriage.
screw religion thats my opinionvery mad devil
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