Hush!please don't utter

It is a murky evening;gloomy and dark;the sky is scattered-broken like a mirror.
Dear,please don't go out.Outside wanderer the demons,their eyes are glowing and flaring.A storm is rising up in the river,you see dear.
You see dear that I love you and I don't want to let you go
Outside amongst the evil-signs.You don't know dear,it's abstruse-the dusk is profound.
Look look dear somebody is knocking at the door-it must be some evil
Hush!please don't utter;keep your head on my chest.
Lye here.
Monsters are crawling up.The crazy-wind is knocking.
Adamant is it to realize
Please dear,don't go.Lye here.I am with you.
Dear they want to snap you up with their axe-like-teeth
you are so acute I know you understand
Don't be flattered by them.
Outside in the zephyr an evil is growing up
Dear,please,don't go out
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