What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger!

I believe that learning from what we do wrong just makes us that much more prepared for the next lesson that life throws at us. When you learn from your mistake it was a lesson not a mistake. Every time we learn it makes us stronger to defend against the offensive that keeps on trying to drag us through the mud. But I say "Some times you have to go through the mud to get to the grass".
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You are so right, and I have really had to come to terms with many situations. Probably a bit earlier than planned! (Long story). One thing I do believe I finally got down is the "money" thing. No more wild, spendthrift days for me, and it's a very good thing. I now live on less than half of what I had been used to, but it seems to go much farther. For one, I moved to a rural area and naturally several "big" items (rent, house payments, etc...) are considerably lower. I clip coupons, use an electric blanket instead of cranking up the heat, eat out rarely, don't lollygag in bars, and almost, but not quite, do not buy new. Not needed, as there are so many wonderful second hand stores with absolutely everything one needs. Also a biggie is that I refuse to carry any debt--no more credit cards, etc... This was one HUGE financial lesson I had to learn the hard way. But it is stickin' to the wall like white on rice, bud. thanx for this great post.handshake
well ive been doing bad things all my life, and ive learned to live with it, mostly because i enjoy it, and being in the mud aint that bad, its whoes in it with you, that takes the b*tch, out of it, and if you seen who i was in the mud with, brother, you wouldn't want to be fished out either.
got into some f*cking mess sometym ago, instead of it making me stay on d floor, it only made much stronger.....

Glad to see the feedback, In what ever way this post has touched you. Thnx for noticing.
I disagree with the statement. I always have.
IT never makes us stronger. Instead, only we can CHOOSE to grow stronger with the effort to do so, if we are able. Some people choose other responses. Sometimes serendipity chooses for us.
Does the cement mixer that runs over us and makes us live the rest of our life as a vegetable on life support, make us stronger ? Of course not. While I understand the purpose of the statement, I disagree with it. Even in those cases where we do grow stronger, it is more do to the efforts we make ourselves to get stronger, than to the event or object that almost killed us. peace
Touche`... The only thing I must say about your comment, It is man that keeps people alive on life support as a vegetable. other wise that reasonably would kill you. I think strength does come in many forms though, I do see your point though.
Ben, you are bad and I believe that you enjoy it! I didn't know you were into mud wrestling too!rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

ThinnMan, good blog! It seems that no matter what I look back on, I get the sense that everything worked out for the best. I am still struggling with fear of the future. I practice staying in this moment and just not worrying about the "what Ifs" but I have to pick myself up and dust myself off over and over. Logically makes no sense since everything always works out. doh
Rohaan, how are you? Haven't seen you around here lately. I was in your beautiful state a couple of weeks ago. wave
Let me put a twist on this for you. I agree with what you are saying, but what if you haven't done anything wrong? Learning through that whole process also develops you and helps you to become stronger. I have a lot of things going on in my life right now, none of which I have done anything to deserve. But, bad things just happen in life and you learn to deal with the situation and move on. I keep telling myself this. Things have been worse. This is just a trying time in my life. I will grow stronger from it. The hard part is letting go of the bitterness. I'll eventually manage that as well. I just have to have my grieving time, that's all.
have been there and done that. A few years back I learned the statement "What dioesn;t kill us only makes us stronger!" is incomplete. Sometimes in life the rest of that statement is "But who the HELL wants to be Hercules!" While trying to figure out a few things, realized "Into every life some rain must fall, but who the HELL ordered me a waterfall!" When that happens all you can do is try not to drown. Bad things happen to good people and eventually we get through it with help, humor and tears.

Change is scary and have realized sometimes those bad things that are happening are because I'm not accepting change. Always seems that when the change is accepted, then things start getting better. Maybe there is a grand plan for our lives, sometimes seems like it.

Everyone hang in there, tread water and keep your head up!
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