New found strength.

I have been through quite the bit of rough times this year. Been faced with some situations that should have not been put on my shoulders. Regardless, I have stepped up to the plate. I took the issues head on and dealt with them as best I saw fit. I'm the one that came out on top. For that I thank my father, "God rest his soul", who had the most strength I ever saw. It is his strength that has passed on to my brothers and I. I know now that it is this strength that I have tapped into to pull myself through the toughest of times. I hold my head up when people try to drag me down. The world can take as many shots as it wants at me, It may hurt me but I will say this much, "I will never give up or walk away from the things that make me push on". I will fight till the day I die like my father did. I believe I was put in the situations that I face on a day to day basis to help who I can, and who will let me do so. The price is the sacrifices I make to better others lives. In a round about way it helps to better my life. I learn from others misfortunes just as well as I learn from mine. So I ask you all this, "Even if you can't help someone, just notice what happens to them". When the time comes you may find yourself in that same situation and remember what the out come was and may be able to counter the direct blow. In that respect you just may come out on top like few get to do.
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Quite a practical insight. When the going gets tough, indeed the tough get going only. handshake
pain strengthens no one, thinnman, anything that tears weakens, and the heart tears easily, it can be patched, but never lose sight of the fact that thats all it is, a patch, holding a weak spot together, like the tyre on a bicycle, my tyre has many patches, and god forgive me for being a fool, i feel another puncture coming, and this time the handlebars are coming off as well.

I'm afraid I disagree with you. Pain actually strenghtens us. It's not like a patch on a bicycle. It's like a vaccine. Every time you get pain, this vaccine makes you immune to it.
And yours may be amongst the strongest heart right now, alongwith Thinnman's.

Imagine if you had never felt pain at all, just a mild pain would have made you cry. Pain makes us so strong that we don't bother with small pains and thus keep going.

Pain actually makes us humble. Pain makes us value happiness. pain makes us considerate of other's pain. Pain
makes us realize what we have. Pain makes us repent on what we lost.

Please don't make me feel like as if I'm selling pain here
rolling on the floor laughing cheers come on.... Cheers to those who experienced pain and are now better people.
Agree Maxmate, only remember pain when we think about it!!!! but lessons learnt help for next lot that comes along.handshake yay
maxmate - I agree with you up to a certain point. All of what you said applies, but only if the pain has healed. If it's still a wound then it is only 'patched up' for now and if harmed more deeply can cause serious damage.

Thinnman - I'm so glad that you made it out on top! applause and thanks for sharing your experience to encourage others to step up as well, because we all know it's easier to tuck tail and run. But the rewards aren't as fulfilling.
Thank you Cnote, Very well put... And would like to thank you all for your thoughts.

You are right. And there is no escape to it. Once the pain is inflicted, it has to be endured, whether we want to or not. Yes, it hurts more when the wound is still fresh.

But there are some people who keep their wounds always alive and never let them heal. They like to live with pain. Cos perhaps it's all they've got. Pain helps them remember and happiness makes us forget. So they don't want to forget and live with pain.

My experience, so far, has been that the sooner decide to move on, the quicker you heal, most often to laugh at it later!
Maxmate agree with all you say, but we are all different, you are lucky if you can do as you say, some people know thats what should happen but find it hard to do. The way you put it earleir about injections, well we all know they dont work for everyone iether, We are all individuals so problems and solutions can not be lumped together. I know you wont take offence at my comments because you are too open minded if I have read you right.
With respectteddybear
"But there are some people who keep their wounds always alive and never let them heal. They like to live with pain. Cos perhaps it's all they've got. Pain helps them remember and happiness makes us forget. So they don't want to forget and live with pain."

Maxmate - I totally agree. That's very true.
Sometimes the pain hurts so much that it's hard to see that we don't want to let it go. Who wants to hold on to something that hurts and won't go away. But, like you said, we inadvertently are maybe trying to fill the void that has been left empty, and so we sub-conciously hold on to it. In that case, it's important to have very close friends,family and faith. I've been in that situation before and I thank God that He helped me through it.
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