What dress code we should follow:Western or Easter

It is now a debated issue whether the Muslim woman should wear veils or Burkas.The European community is trying to impose laws on the Muslim community and the Muslims are there to oppose it.Now what a dress code should be?Is there any absolute answer to this question?Every single community has their own culture.They perform in their ways.The Christian,the Jew and the Muslims have some dress code in their own community.Now when the other communities enter into a different culture what dress code they should follow-this is the ultimate question.

Now as for the women,they are the most suppressed part of male-dominated world,both in West and East.It is a capitalist society and capitalism makes all thing commodities and their motto is to make profit as much as they can squeeze.Every single culture is now reshaping itself with the capitalist approach.And where profit is the last word,your culture would be like that from where you will get some profit.And this approach is causing a great harm to the civilizations,especially to the women.

Is it true that women have got absolute liberty over their body and mind in the so-called secularist West?No,they are just performing the capitalists need showing their unnecessary part of body which would be beautiful if covered artistically .

What about the women in middle east?Most of the countries in the middle east are capitalist country with semi-feudal dictators.They want to suppress people so that people don't take action against them.The rulers established a sheer difference between male and female.They fear that if woman are to be freed their rules would be wiped out.Females are treated as if they are beasts.They established the propaganda that women are the doors to the hell.So women should not be allowed to be free.

Both Eastern and Western are oppressing women.Nobody is giving them the absolute freedom.For this reason this problem now arises that what dress code should a woman follow.

I think if we can change society where profit would not be the last word,we would be able to make an independent world for both man and woman.
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Thanks both two of you.But I think you are beyond reality.What about Saudi Arabia?Will the ruler of Saudi Arabia ever allow a women from India or China to wear on their traditional dress?Yes some women put on their religious dress in some western countries.But this is an exception.we should think about the majority and the majorities are being suppressed in both west and east,varying in their form of suppression.
Ben you are absolutely right!you are a great genius!I wonder why you were not awarded a Nobel prize!
They are only banning the veil and the burkha in public places...just as they ban the wearing of ski masks and motorcycle helmets in public places....govt, banks etc buildings.
Imrandalim dhaka Bangladesh
7 hours ago
Ben you are absolutely right!you are a great genius!I wonder why you were not awarded a Nobel prize!

they did offer it to e privately, but modesty prevented me from acceptance.('rolling on the floor laughing');rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
@ Imrandalim

If in Rome,do as the Romans do!
If you live in a Country,obey it's Laws.
If People come to your Country,you expect them to obey yours!
yes that's right.Be Roman when you are in Rome.But do you think that ultimate peace will come in this way?
like I said good in theory, but wont happen in real life. That is why there is the issue you write about in the first place....its like trying to get democrats and republicans to agree, just not going to happen on a mass scale. handshake
let there be no doubt, that the forces of darkness will carry the day.
Women,anywhere and everywhere should have the freedom of choice to wear what they please, Its disgusting to even think that someone, anyone, would tell me what I could or could not wear. I feel so sorry go the suppression of especially Muslim women. Sara...
Thanks friends for sharing your opinions on my blog.But I think we should think whether the females are independent or not? are they independent throughout the world? I don't think so.Let them be independent and the debated issues like dress code will be withered away.
Well I can't speak for Bangladesh but in North America women are every but as independent as men and I would argue even more so. I feel many women here think they have something to prove to men so they exercise independence vigorously. But you can be an independent woman or man that follows laws. Being a law abiding citizen and being independent are separate issues. No one can take what you believe away from you. They may make it difficult to practice those beliefs by opposing laws but what is in the mind and heart can never be opposed on unless someone allows it.
should have read every bit as independent doh
I dont think wearing a burka can be tied directly to being independent....is that tied more to religion and culture?
I once worked in a shop and anyone entering the premises wearing a hoddie was asked to remove it. Sometimes I was quizzed about it...... I would then point to the security camera and explain that if they were to rob me I'd like a good picture of them.

That goes for anything that conceals a person's identity...... and if they don't like it they will be asked to leave.

I just get so sick and tired of people bringing gender, race and religion into the argument. If security is an issue, you show your face. Simple as that.

Personally, I couldn't give a rat's what people wear out in the street or down the park..... they can don a Batman costume for all I care.
We should care but we should not dare
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