do u know

is not it strange

inspite of this full of People's world
no body ready to believe on each other
who can they love each other from long distance
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i dont know!!!
I do,
I believe,
I wana believe,
I keep believing,
Positive mind 90%
Curiousity 5%
Confuse mind 2.5%
Negative mind 2.5%
Thats me!

I get you and it really resonates with me.
Glad the topless jamil is gone - he was bit hard to get.
thats not fair shell, you told me you were 100 percent certain. ('rolling on the floor laughing');
Thanks for putting the shirt back on Jamil. Am so proud of you. (Yew cun dew et)comfort
my man!!!!!!!!!

Thank you ... thank you so veryyyyyyy much for puttin on your shirt mate!!

Thank you ... I can't hold my tears in joy!! blues blues crying
PPl don't trust anymore Jamil. Is too hard to believe someone, no matter how much we may want to. Ppl would
have to meet and communicate in other ways off of this venue to prove themselves trustworthy, and then for many that would still be not enough. It is a different world
now. And, those that are truly honest will have to weed thru much dishonesty to find a truthful one...But, it is still possible, somehow.grin

I see you have come up with a different marketing ploy
You say right jamil1771
its not matter to me any more T T
I consider Males are Fire... and Females are Oil...
if they both stay will be burn... lol XD
so LD will work... ????

confused laugh teddybear
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