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I gots a thinking, is there really any selfless good deed? To do something good for someone else without any gain for yourself.

I believe that every action has a reaction, thus every good action has a good reaction. What makes us human however, is the ability to predict the consequences to every action we commit. That's what seperates us from the animals. When I commit a good action the reaction is already predetermined in my mind, so logically having thought of a good reaction to the action, the action itself can no longer be selfless, as I carry out the action because I liked the outcome of the reaction as predicted in my mind.

To say that there is such things as selfless good deeds, leads me to interpret that, as though the person who committed a selfless good deed has done so without any consideration for the reaction. This, however is impossible. You might think that reckless actions are then actions with no thought given to a reaction. Not so, the outcome becomes a chaos reaction and is always predetermined before the action. I'm trailing away, lets stick to the topic at hand.

If I donate money to a charity, the only possible way that can be considered a selfless good deed is if I don't tell anyone and remain anonymous. Anonymity seems to be the only viable route to a selfless good deed. However don't get carried away with thoughts of a Batman type character helping others with no gain to himself. He's merely satisfying his own ego.

So is this the answer then? An anonymous donation to a charity. I think not, because if it truly remains anonymous, then how can we prove that a selfless good deed has been committed? Why does anyone donate to charity in the first place. Are they feeling guilty, sad etc. They'll feel better if they help someone else. A donation is never made without thought given to the consequence.

I take the internet as truly being the only source where good deeds can be considered selfless. Is it possible to rate someones photo a 10, just to make them feel good about themselves? is it possibly to offer advice to a stranger because you simply want to help? Is it possible to offer an ear to someone who needs a voice? Sometimes these are done without the person realising they're doing it. True anonymity and truly random.

Just like a charity donation, these deeds may appear selfless but why does anyone do anything in the first place? Every action has a determined reaction. However the internet is full of it, whether you realise it or not, random acts of kindness. Only through randomness can an action be undetermined...Chaos if you will, the only possible selfless good deed....

Can I not then, try a random act of anonymous kindness in real life? No, for then you are not anonymous or random...
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aye; an tis said be auld Kitty Reardon, out the bog,''though sound advice is rarely heeded, a kind word is seldom thrown away''
The enigma of kindness... it has the most value when given freely.
huuu! U made my eliptical brain more complicated!
Well im out of d lane with those go0d deeders..,hehe
I juz post and advise when the topic is within d range of my mental illness!!
Gud bl0G!
what about performing a good deed when the predetermind outcome is bad for you but you do it anyway because it's good for someone else ???????????????
Interesting comment, like giving someone a kidney or something...quiet possibly a selfless good deed but perhaps the person knows that he would be ravaged with guilt if he had not done so?
Hi Alexi--

I have pondered this myself at one time...and came to the conclusion that there are definetely random acts of kindness that are 'selfless'.........

Much in the same manner that your intuition guides you, sometimes you just 'do' without thinking or premeditating......

I know I have....You see someone in need, and your instincts tell you to help them, before you even have a chance to give a thought to how you will earn a 'reward' from this behavior.

and giving anonymously is probably one of the most contrived ways to give....I think it screams self importance much more than someone giving openly....becuase if someone is giving anonymously, they probably have a heightened sense of self importance, or place such a stigma on having alot of money or whatever it is they are donating (usually anon donations are large sums of money or high dollar items)......making them in my mind, more materialistic, and somehow trying to lessen the guilt they feel for having so much money.

and the idea that chaos is the only way to have 'selfless' deeds to me is a warped theory, in the sense that I dont think one can directly link randomness with chaos...they are too entirely different concepts.....

@Drea111, Fantastic comment, really appreciated and certainly food for thought. A heightened sense of self importance is a plausible aspect to anonymity. However I think our interpretation of "chaos" may have got lost in translation, I link chaos and random together as been the same thing in this regard. Probably sounds a bit overdramatic for the subject but I couldn't help myslef. laugh
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