Make That one Change in one's life by going back i

Regret.... often is a part in our routine lives... hence at times we repent. What change would U make if U had that chance!!!
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I wish I'd found a better father for my children, but then the paradox is if I hadn't married him then I wouldn't have enjoyed the two most beautiful daughters a parent could wish for!! He lost out way more than we did!

Other than that I have absolutely no regrets at all, just experiences that make me the woman I am today, and I like me!!!!
I lost count how many times I thought about this one...
And its always the same result.
I would love a lot less...So I could save my heart from enormous stress...;-)))))))))
Hi Sassinpain, the basic fundanmetals of life is 'what one loses is gained by the other' Although U got all the love of Ur lovely daughters, yet sadly I feel Ur daughters may hv lost out the bond a father shares with is kid. But true, he definetly lost our way more for which he will Regret sometime in his life. Happy to hear U've moved on positively. Take Care n God Bless....
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