Got any grapes?!

A duck waddles into a gas station.
He asks the clerk...
''Got any grapes''?
The gas station clerk says...
''No this is a gastation"
''We dont have any grapes''.

The duck quacks! and waddles out.
He waddles back in the next morning, waddles up the the register and asks....
''You got any grapes''?

The gas station clerk looks confused for a moment,
and then finnaly says...
''No we dont have any grapes, ''
''I told you yesterday''!!
''This is a gas station''!!
''We dont carry grapes''!!
''And if you ask that question again''...
''i'm going to nail you webbed feet to the damn wall''!!

The duck quacks and briskly scuffles out!

The duck waddles back in the next morning,
The clerk stares in wonder as the duck comes up to the counter....
He peaks his beak over the counter and lears at the clerk before finnaly letting out a quack!,and asking..... ''Got any nails''?
But before the dumb founded clerk could answer the duck shreaks!!
.................''Got any grapes''??!!!!
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At least he wasn't trying to sell him Aflac.
A talking duck !?
The gas station guy could have capitalized on that alone ! applause
Teehee. That made me smile.
i don't get it blues
I know Im a blonde...but......confused

I dont get it either hole
The gastation clerk tells the duck if he asks again for grapes again he'll nail his feet to the wall. So the duck asks if he has any nails, and when he discovers the clerk doesnt he asks again: got any grapes. Its meant to be a stupid joke.Your probably just overthinking itwink
oh i thought the clerk didn't get a chance to answer... that was the fall off point for me.
laugh confused yeah I must be thinking REALLY hard...because......confused

How about....a duck walks into a bar....gets a concussion, and has to see a Quack! laugh dunno
lol...a lot of us must be ducks then.
hehe, know a quite similar one.

A bunny jumpin into a bakery askin for carrots.

...Goes on the same as your joke...

The 3rd time the bunny comes in and asks,
the clerk yells: "Ask once more and I'm gonna nail you to the wall!"

The next time, the bunny comes in, has a look at all the fine stuff being sold in the bakery. Has a look at the clerk, whose head is already turning red. Looks around the rest of the bakery for a while. Then jumping over to one of the walls, raising the head up, lookin at something at the wall, asking the clerk what it was.

The clerk: "That's a cross with Jesus on it."

The bunny: "Poor guy... too often asked for carrots, huh?"

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