this little bug will be free

sometimes i wonder do we make our own destinies do we make our own luck i want to dig out of this hole and find my destiny i want to live through a strangers eyes run like a rollercoaster as fast as i can all i have to do is dig this hole im in and this little bug will be free johntheraven
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according to the kabala, in order to move from a lower to a higher level you've to fall to generate the energy. Every advancement in spiritual consciousness is presided by a fall. If you can get there without to have a trauma (fall) you can begin to experience all of the things that are happening in your life as a part of a divine intelligence. And they no longer become part of suffering. You do not suffer - only the person you imagine yourself to be suffers. You can just witness the suffer and it no longer even is that.
The deeper you fall the more energy you generate the higher you'll rise and no, digging doesn't work only free fall wink
angels advice is good, john-the-raven, you travel down, in order to earn the right to go up, perhaps if we all traveled low enough, we might be a little more humble on the way up.
this little bug wants to fly gently into a mystic rain of new life
So Justmejohn is gone for good and now been reincarnated? confused dunno okey dokey...
Yea, but I am not sure if he is a bird or a bug... laugh hug
im a tranceformer
sometimes people have to make a change
I believe we create our own destiny, that you are the creator of your tomorrows so it would be good idea to be careful what dream up
okay ... my advice is ... avoid the open road or little bug will smush on a windscreen or vanish down a bikies throat!!
i had so many names alien little bug raven etc
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