the heart

sometimes we always wonder what do we want in life but its not that easy we have to really think about it what's best for us but sometimes the heart doesn't know what it wants johntheraven1
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When the Mind n Heart is uncertain, try Intuition, U may be surprised where it takes U !!!
sometimes we just have to go of the things we love the most
hello john, i was telling everyone i met along the mountains, about your new name, so all along the south of ireland, they are calling all the various types of crows, john-the-raven, so you are getting quiet famous, hope you can live with your new celebrity status, ben

m,mountains in the south
the way u wrote that got me thinking that's scary laugh your heart will tell u what u want just hope the other heart is feeling ur heart. im even more confused now.confused peace
sounds good to me brother
you bet brother .cheers
sounds good to me brother
double bet brother laugh peace
4 chambers encased in muscle tissue with two oposite valves at the top and a couple of main arteries entering & leaving it.

contracts each time the brain sends an electrical pulse to it and consequently will cause blood to circulate around your body ...

pretty cool piece of equipment....
"My darling! I give my 4 chambers to you!"

confused Nah....... hasn't got the same ring to it.

Personally, I get that lovey dovey feeling down in the stomach.


"Hey darls! I give my guts to ya!"

Think I need to work on it.roll eyes
I feel it's your mind that doesn't know what it wants. Get out of your head and into your heart and you'll find all the answers. By the way, it's scientific proven that the first organ formed in the mothers womb is the heart AND the heart has millions of braincells. After the heart the tongue follows. Isn't that interesting?
since others mentioned the 4 chambers.. there's a fifth, small chamber, called the sacred heart. Some believe that's the seat of god/soul/life energy. Should this part of the heart being touched/injured during heart operations the patient will die immediately. Through meditation you're be able to enter this sacred heart space and from there you're able to create heaven on earth. You can even go in there and connect with your soul mate wink
uh,, what in the world happened to the blank page in the middle? confused
mountain? I cannot see it, but,,, I can imagine it is VERY HIGH! wow
yes why is it blank in the middle
little bug, that is an 'imaginary mountain', just fantasy it like a child does! no sense of humor. HA hug grin
OMG, they pull off my pic... moping dunno Can't be a bunny anymore, that'd be cool, cuz the dog will not slap me anymore. dancing
There's a blank spot there because........

..... Ben fell asleep with his finger on the RETURN key.grin
thats right billy,or he needed a good impression on his comment.
john ,i am glad u r still here , but let me warn u , that heart takes her own desitions ,out of any reason . u think it doesnt know what it fact it knows ,just u r the last one , who finds outlaugh cheers
that's the truth
I guess it was all those creamy pints of Guinness that Ben was knocking down over in his blog.

Must 'ave passed out.dunno
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