Like Royalty

" Do you believe that a woman is made to be respected and cherish like Royalty" Agree -Disagree????
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umm .... if a man is not, then why should a woman?
"respect and cherish royalty"..? why ? what planet you from, dude ? they're just ordinary people, who live a surreal life through an accident of birth. as for you, sounds like you were born a few hundred years too late if you have that attitude.
Get a life dude tongue Women are equals, stop putting them on pedestals and get laid will ya laugh
Sanfranguy!wave applause Where you been? Out there having a "real" life? I know it's a shocker, but I agree with you on this one. Women want to be treated like equals not put on a pedestal. Too much pressure and the bruising must hurt like hell when one gets knocked off one of those things.

Women just want men to be present, fully attentive when needed. Don't need daddy, don't need to be fixed, don't need to be possessed. Just here now. If a man can't be now here, he can be nowhere, as far as I'm concerned. bouquet
Alexei, you and I are in complete agreement.thumbs up thumbs up
Well, there is nothing wrong with a little romantic role playing now and then. I wouldn't mind, after pumping my muscles-up with some weights in the basement, them come out of the shower with nothing but a towel around my waist, them calling my significant other "MY DEAR GODDESS, FORGIVE ALL MY TRANSGRESSIONS," then get down on one knee, while flexing my muscles and start kissing her naked feet. wink

Then of course, I would work my way up!! rolling on the floor laughing grin
briyah, its time to send out the C.Vs. this isent working, honest
if u treat me as a goddess then,
I'll treat u as a slave.,.. U like that? Lol
N0pe, i meant...
If u will,,,who is you for me?
Just sounds like another suck up job.roll eyes
Ruben, I like where you're going with that...please continuegrin banana
Venusruled, I have to leave something for the imagination!! wink laugh

BTW: Nice photo!! bouquet
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