our mistakes

how can we fix our mistakes how can we say we are sorry my heart is empty right now im unsure even what i should do she probably will never talk to me again its such a bad feeling i just want to make things right for her even if i have to suffer i miss her so much why me if this is the way is has to be then i don't even want to breathe at all just want to fix everything am i wrong to to want to make her happy again as i suffer johntheraven1
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john my friend ,listen to me and listen good.
u made ur choises before some days and sent her away.i dont want to see u posting here ur mistakes or regreting for ur own choises.
stop crying and mumbling .be a man and face the results of ur actions.davi left for good and she does even look back.u have to keep going too.look up and not back.stand tall and stop grying like a school girl.i know its hard ,but u have to go on.comfort cheers
Good goddess! Where is Shakespeare when you need him? You love the drama, don't you John? Maybe learn to temper it just a bit. We all enjoy a some drama from time to time, if nothing else but so we can have make up sex, but this is getting ridiculous!roll eyes
yes john-the-raven, we all make mistakes, we regret some, try to atone for others, but we cannot always fix, or undue the damage, or hurt, perceived or otherwise, if we have a brain we learn from our mistakes, if not we just repeat them, again, and again, and again.
John.... it might have been a good idea when you cancelled your previous profile to have just walked away for a little while.

Clear the head, bury the past and focus on what's ahead.

There's plenty of other fish in the CS Ocean so start dangling a line or two.

Can't hurt to try. cheers
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