Wine & Journey (2)---Vinegar

Perhaps we all have this experience: The one we love has fallen in love with others. Then we say we are drinking vinegar.

Don’t know why we call it like this, but everybody knows that vinegar is very sour. Perhaps it can describe our feelings at that time: sad, bitter, jealous, unhappy, and sour.

So some drink alcohol to be drunk. Wines are expensive, so more choose beers. Maybe it helps them forget the sadness, but on the whole and in the long run, will it?

As one needs to be sober to realize the reality. It may feel hurtful, but to be kind is to be cruel and to be cruel is to be kind.

After a storm, it will be peaceful. It is the peace you have when you are lying in the grave and thinking that actually your life is worth living.

Of course, still living. And tea will help, just like time. The fragrance of tea lingers around, as if the memories linger around the midnight. Tranquil and memorable, but nothing lasts for ever.

And then, next day, after a cup of new, fresh tea in the morning, it will be another exciting day.
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4 me beer is the universal emo medication .

sad? beer will cheer u up

happy? beer is ESSENTIAL to celebrate with mates and get even happier

neutral? still, a couple of pints are never to dismiss

umm .. tea?? no an espresso is always a betta choice.

siding the crap above, my personal experience .. It wasn't sourness for me. It was a sense of utmost defeat ... a HUGE blow to me selfesteem .... turns the heart into steel ... and make u ponder and see things (love in particular) for what it really is.

that's what it actually felt like... pleasant? ... ummm no it wasn't (:
Well I think I will never understand why so many people like beer. I have heard that beer tastes like urine. And I have one friend told me that he drank just because his friends all drank so he had to drink. And I dislike its taste though I have added some spirit to the beer.

Don’t drink too much. One of my brothers died because of over drinking. His liver was terrible bad.

Actually I don’t understand what this paragraph means: “siding the crap above, my personal experience …”
10k, you are in a decidedly morose mood when it comes to the L word today. You okay? Here's an unconditional hug hug hug
siding the crap above => 'talking seriosuly' or 'puting to the side the crap I said before that line'

my personal experience is pretty obvious I believe ...

sry ... I know my english sucks lol ... (:
@venus ...

yes ... umm ... have issues with the L word ... its such a fake concept ... i can't take it anymore ..uh oh
lets have us a cup of tea janmei and maby we can forget our sadnessteddybear teddybear
52 years ago I lost "my true love Priscilla" to my best friend. I was so sad and when I used to hear the song "Tears on my Pillow" I would get sad all over again. I chuckle about it now because it was such a silly teenage thing. I think that was the last time I was sad when I "lost" a girlfriend.

After that I learned you just have to refuse to get hurt and I didn't need booze to get over it. I just went out the following weekend and met new babes!

Now, at 70, I just go out and dance and come home alone. It's less complicated and besides I'm too sleepy at 11 pm to really care that I need a babe in bed with me. That's the advantage of getting old!
your writing this time is very good, i like it, but it sound a little sad, Janmei do u feel sadly now. bouquet bouquet
drinking vinegar is a Chinese expression for being jealous.. when your bf/gf is flirting with another one..not as to fall in love with others I guess.

I don't like drinking alcohol at all, just taking a sip of red wine now and then is good for health. And personally I would never make myself drunk to forget about my sadness, I often choose to cry a whole night, then the next day will be a refreshing day again. hehe..sometimes we just need some way to let out our emotions, but time will heal.
Hey, EmilyYan, we have the same therapy practice! I love to have a good cry and purge all negative feelings that may have built up. crying crying Ahhh, feels so good!
hehe, Miss V, now you are looking like a lovely crying baby. My best consolation for you here hug After all, you are doing very good at this moment, aren't you? Good to see you laugh again, enjoy the moment! :)
sometimes u feel very sad, but u laught at yourself and ask yourself why u could not cry to release all the sadness.
i means that when u bring with yourself a sad mood, then u will cry or drink,... ect, the natural emotions will come by accident, it is not your choice, if that day your spirit is very weak, very moved, then u can cry all the night, but sometimes u feel very sad, empty, u could not cry... all tears is dry already bouquet bouquet
I don’t know why you can read “sadness” in this blog. I was quite happy when I wrote it. Actually I was quite happy these days. If I was sad, how could I have mood to write something?

Vinegar---alcohol---tea… Isn’t it a life journey? We come through all these periods, and then we are reborn and face the new life. And now, I drink tea. Vinegar, alcohol, both has gone.

Quite peaceful, quite happy.
Venusruled… I like this photo. Very classical. I thought it was some film star in 1930s when I first saw it! Like a dream… like it.

10kohms… That is just the illusion. Online love is unrealistic in my eyes. And what you have in your head is just the perfect illusion, not the real one who is full of flaws.

Johntheraven1. I don’t have sadness. I can transfer my focus to other things easily. I hope you can also transfer your focus to your real life too.

Loves 2 dance… Wow! 52 years ago! And you can remember it so clearly! I don’t think when I am 70, I can remember things that happened 52 years ago. And I hope I can live that long. But perhaps at 70, I can’t dance lol. I can only sit in the garden and enjoy the sunshine at 70. And I wish I won’t be a widow at 70.

At 70. Perhaps we don’t need the “new babes”. Perhaps we need some grandchildren. Loves 2 dance, I wish you healthy and happy!

Kcuc0574..Thanks for your caring. But I don’t feel sad. Really. Recently I have just finished one important thing and one important task and now I can relax. Happy.

Yan. Yes, drinking vinegar can mean a lot, including they flirting with others, and it can be used in other aspects too, such as friendship, career and so on. And to be honest, I won’t feel jealous when somebody flirting with others. I have already quite gotten used to it. Seems that they like to flirt with others.

Cry a whole night? Wow. That will waste too much tears! I haven’t tried that and I even can not squeeze out a drop of tear as I don’t feel sad. I guess I haven’t felt really really sad in my life until now.
Now rumors seem to spread around.

When one invents a story and tells others, others do not believe. But when two or three repeat the same story, then, others will believe it. So, rumors become real in other people’s eyes…

In other blogs I have read some comments which mentioned me… lol… That’s the rumors spreading around. Hope you don’t think it is true.
EmilyYan, I am quite enjoying CS today! I hope the moment lasts awhile this time! wink hug

Janmei, glad you are feeling happy. We need more content people in this world! wave
Jan, I was only exaggerating, but sometimes I can cry a lot, I just have endless tears to worry about. lol
by the way, Jan.. no worries about the rumors, we're all just having fun here. no news is "bad news"...rearranged by me, lol...
Jamei .. please let me know what is that I have in me head ...

Given that I don't know it myself ... its quite remarkable that u do .....

not sad well lets drink a cup for happiness

I havent seen any rumors about you....confused

Beer and Wine are acquired tastes, and everything is okay in moderation. I am sorry to hear about your brother, also. blues
Drea111. Yes, moderation. Even though it is water, if we drink too much, we will die because of it.

And it is healthy to drink some wine. Of course, in moderation.

As times fly by, rumors will disappear.

hug hug hug
Wine drinkers appreciate a good drop.

Plonk drinkers will just guzzle the stuff that tastes like
BillyFatwas.. You are so humourous. laugh

Yes, I have seen some wine lovers. They cherish every drop of wine.

I just got in touch with wine recently. Don't know how to appreciate it, so don't understand why people like it so much.

Wines are expensive. Beers are much cheaper. And vinegar is the cheapest!!! yay
Well, how's this for an expensive bottle of Champagne......

Divers have just found 30 bottles from a shipwreck in the Baltic Sea. It seems the contingent was sent by King Louis XVI to Russia back in the 18th century.

They reckon each bottle could be worth up to $69,000!

Geez.... it would want to be a good drop!!laugh
Wow!!! That's so expensive!!! But it is worth!
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