Anytime you see love coming at ya…spit on it.

If people can grasp the true essence of this short statement above, there should be so much less suffering in this world. I am not doing so well these days and I am not sure how long I will be able to be around, but I really want people to know that about ninety percent of us did not get things right in this world. We just followed the steps of people around us or before us. The union of man and woman is truly abominable and should be avoided at all cost. The most heinous act is the act of sex, especially between husband and wife for the purposes of making babies. Looking for love or be in love is the most useless way of going through life. If you are already born by the heinous s*xual act of your parents, try to live a detached, clean life. I could suggest becoming either an alcoholic or a hermit. So, these have been my words of wisdom and I dispense them for a broader benefit of humanity...which I also spit on. Truth is truly bitter but I love it.
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Don't get you.... on your profile you state that you are looking for a woman for marriage, yet you spit on love and the act of sex?????????? Just remember that 90% of us did get things right in this world, and the union of the male and female was meant to be!!!!!
I cannot work you out!!!!
"Truth is truly bitter but I love it." Is that the same as "the tree of knowledge bears bitter fruit?" laugh

Did you not feel any warmth in your heart last night, CT? I was sending lots of it your way.

There is a teacher who says that relationships are a form of bondage. Do you agree?
Sf, what do you mean "90% of us did get it right?" please clarify.

Ct, please be nice. I want you to stick around awhile!please please please
I think what I said is self-explanatory don't you?
Actually no, that is why I askeddoh

If 90% of people were getting things right then this world would look a lot different than it does. i am just wondering why you feel the way you do. wine
Well, yeh, you could have a point there lol... Okay let's just say 60% then, for argument sake... I really am not familiar with the exact statistics... would you be happy with that?
well ... if you're not a troll ... I donno who is ...

though there some appealing things, they have definately been exagerated and infalted beyond any imaginable limit...

and that's my 2c.
I loathe statistics..mumbling mumbling laugh

Did you read my comment on your blog SF? I saw that quote 3 times yesterday. I have been pondering its meaning for me ever since.handshake
10k, I thought you would be in agreement with Camel!! Did he just go too far even for you?laugh

Now we know the truth. Under all that bluster, you really do believe in love...Camel brought it up and out... rolling on the floor laughing
'the truth is bitter but i love it'
Then, u still have and believe in 'love'..
D0nt deny it u menti0n it!
'the m0st heinous act is the act of sex'
By couples? There still love there! Making love, hahahaha
If there's n0 love n0 suffering in this world?
How u kn0w?
N0 love means war... So..lots will suffer!
Well if you read that quote 3 times yesterday, perhaps someone is trying to tell you something!!!!

I don't think you read ct's blog very well... incredibly negative I would say on his part.. still maybe he has his reasons for being bitter!!

indifference is not love yet it ain't war ...


no i still don't believe in love ... love is just a concept intended to 'sweeten' and conceal our selfishenss ...

but I do believe in 'selfish human needs'. Its just that I prefer to call love by its true name ... that being in fact: 'selfish human need'
Absolutely, was a message for me!! Thank you for posting it SF.

CT is the consummate s**t stirrer. He is rattling people's cages because there are so many blogs about love-real or not- on here today. The best way to play is to see that he is a genius when it comes to pushing buttons. I love him! Have been seeing a lot of my own garbage as I react to what he writes.

He's like a magic mirror only he doesn't tell anyone they are the fairest ones of all.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Miss swordfish, I am glad u commented. Now u are 66 years old, right? You have given birth and they have left the nest and you are on CS. Do you see anything frivolous here in this whole scheme of living through this union of man and woman? What you have cherished about it…share with us. MR 10K, if you were to put a wig on while u make a comment, you may come across as more credible. It is just my two cents.

Miss Venus….only if life was all about you, I would never gripe. Unfortunately it includes short bald man and large old women of some exceptional breeding skills.
10k, indifference is not possible when it comes to romantic feelings. You either hate to love or love to hate or love to love, but to not care at all? Me thinks thou doth protest too much!kiss kiss

How about platonic love? Do you believe that exists?hug
@ 10k,
Love has many faces,types and kind!
If u'r g0na be specific it could be like that!
Love is like a thread that c0nnect people, a bondage to understand the differences!

@ ct,
My other side of brain was started to agree, but need to emphasize ur thought c0nfused! Lol
Well, CT, I did breed as you know. They are amazing love doves! I have learned much more from their child innocence than they have learned from me.... But I must say, since my divorce that hermit thing sounds pretty appealing.

Can I be a semi hermit? I still take care of the girls half the time.

Actually, can I be a semi semi hermit, as I would like to have some fun!
Shell one….when u say I need to emphasize more, can u suggest how can I go a bit harder on you?

ummm ... do u give a heck about ugly-duckly joe the trash guy who live a couple of doors down your neightbourhood??

am sure u don't .... that is be=y definition indifference ... so indeed ... its very possible to be indifferent...

we all are indifferent to the suffering in 3 world countries. Though we might bend our eye-brows and say poor kids, starving to death, we all hold dear our life-style. Don't get me wrong ... if they weren't poor, we would be poor ... so ... its not that I am pointing fingers to anyone here ...


yes indeed ... indifference exists in all sorts of relationships.

well .. platonic love is still a sort of love by definition and hence it still is a selfish thing. Its not that I don't believe in love ... its the fact that we mask it as something extraordinary and the like what buggs me most.
all shapes love can take it still is a selfish human need and if it wasn't for that ... there wouldn't be all this fuss about soulmates and the rest ...
Miss Venus..your breeding was purely beautiful……never doubt it for a minute. You can go semi hermit, semi alcoholic. Life can be so good. Kids can come along to bemoan your new leisure life style.
camel ... what's so incredible about me comments?

10k, guess you will have to speak for yourself on that one.

There are infinite ways to show appreciation. And I do, because I know that you as a separate human don't really exist. You are one with All That Is, just as I am. We are all connected. We are all Love and Life.

Okay, off the soap box...hug
I will bid you farewell cameltrunk, you are not making any sense at all... No offence, but I do have a life!
@ ct
Just push it m0re deep and hard so i can feel it...

AGAPE- a type of unc0nditi0nal love to God...
Its 1 of those 7 explainable kind of love to wh0m...
And that PLATONIC is bel0ng to 7 types of love!
Search d others! Lol
"Miss Venus..your breeding was purely beautiful……never doubt it for a minute. "

venus ... did u go for the "heinous s*xual act" to breed or some other technique unknow to me???
10k…you ignored my suggestion of putting a wig on? You seem too young to be looking that bald. I really cannot stay indifferent to this lack of hair. It seems you are saying because I have lot of hair that’s why you are bald?

why do we love god??? cause we don't wanna end up in hell ... ain't that still selfish?? so it seems to me ...
Loving imperfectly is better than not loving at's all a work in progress. No one is very good at love yet. But I enjoy the way it makes me feel to have warm heart feelings toward you all and others in my life. So, imperfectly or not, I will persevere! I love to love!!yay yay yay

CT, you are treating me with such kid gloves lately. Are you lulling me into a false sense of security? Brilliant!! I am always waiting for the other shoe to drop! Another lesson from you!teddybear teddybear I will just enjoy the moment instead...smitten smitten

ummm ... sorry camel .. I don't get the hair analogy ... could u explain better?? seems to me like u have a lot of muscles arnold but not much hair either ... even less brain I'm afraid ...

uh oh
Msiis shell…it seems I have too many tasks at hand….pushing you deeper and harder, stopping Miss SF from leaving, trying to distinguish Miss Venus breeding, focusing hard to see an egg shaped face of 10k…I mean I am just one person, what should I prioritize?
@ ct,
Yup ur kinda right bout '90% of us doesnt get it right'
So u are....what is the opposite of bitterness?
Happiness..if we d0nt get that kind of happiness by wanting,by desiring, by liking that certain things, it c0mes out the bitterness,,,.
N0w push my eliptical mind to understand u m0re!
ma said not TV tonight perhaps?? that's why all this frustration buddy ??

camel .. really, I expected no comments about my display pic from someone who is afraid of showing his of face .... yet, thx for the feedback ... Lol

roll eyes seems things get bounced off your shiny scalp...the reference was to your own analogy..if they were not poor, we could be poor. Go and read again.
@ 10k
I believe in g0d but n0t believe in hell...
So i juz believe that we love god by creating us and d whole universe,..

Producing a nice breed
Is also a part of love,,, having s*xual interacti0n and climbing into climax of o*gasm is a kind of intellectual and physical desires... Desires is 1/4 of love!
let us see u bro ... then we would be playin on a level field ... what do u think? (:

am too lazy to get back to read your nonsense mate .. please re- post again ...
Miss Venus…..there is no other shoe……..nothing will drop on you. On the other hand, 10k can drop a a nice tope on his head.
Hmmmm,...10K & CT you guyz should not let real LOVE pass you by. dunno
Im in d m0od to feed ur bitterness.,lol
U never reply in any post of mine towards ur spitting blog...
I love to see u around here but ur hitting d main dish of this site finding love!..
Wana explain?
well ... the fact that u're still hiding your face say it all kiddo .. though I would like to go on demolishin u, I'll have to leave ...

I am losing the opportunity of a life time ... blues
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