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Ok ladies. I got a question for you. What do some of you ladies have against dating a 21 year old whose a "Do It Yourself" person? (If any guys want to give me a few tips, go right ahead)
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4 me,
I never date a guy y0unger than me...i f0und it child abuse!
'do it yourself- hmmmm
Are you approaching ladies that are close to your age? Think you'd have the most in common with them. Good luck!
if your looking for a lady.for god sake dont put (Do It Yourself)??????lol
Age is just a number..Chemistry is what matters!
Eeros, I was thinking the same thing!!rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing Women want to play a role, you know, B38!yay
Ok Do It Yourself MEANING that I am an Independent guy. I thought that what every women wanted. A hard working guy.
I was just teasing you, Q39! You should have no trouble finding a woman who appreciates a hard working man.teddybear
lol, yea try telling the women who rejected me lol
well, I would not date whom is junior to me.

Good Luck, dear.
I don't date men who are younger than my children.
if u do it urself 4 what do u need woman?rolling on the floor laughing banana rolling on the floor laughing
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