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Hi.. I would appreciate your feedback about this website
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ummm ... well ....

Its a website ...
rolling on the floor laughing @ 10

Welcome Luna...hope you find what you are looking for wave
cswelcome violin
just hung around ,here on the blogs and forums ,having fun.bouquet wave
hi, its fun, and there are some fine people, but can be frustrating as well, sorta like real life.
Been on here only a couple weeks and having some fun on here chatting with people , Its has been better than some of the dating web sites that I been on at least in my mine, Most of the e mails I sent out has come back with people wanting to chat with me, People seem to be more friendly to talk too. yay
The International forums on here are fun. Check them out and join in on them sometime. Good luckwave
nuts . professor
hi babe this is site having merits and demerits we can get a lot of friends, funs you can also get a ideal match also but be careful a lot of fraud persons are also here providing wrong infornation be carefull alsooooooooooooooooooooo tongue
Be very careful... got caught with a whopper of a smooth hustler!doh
hi and welcome to this site and all i can tell you your going to meet good and bad here
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