A friend for life...... I hope!

I've got myself a new mate.

The only child of our local magpie couple has finally been evicted from the family. Yep.... it's one of those harsh realities of nature; out with the old and in with the new. There's going to be some new ones on the way soon and preparations are already under way.

So like every other magpie I've ever encountered I call it Mags. Won't know if it's a boy or a girl until it matures a bit more and thickens out...... and that can take a couple of years.

It's amazing how fast they learn and adapt. Only a month ago Mags was such a shy, timid thing who kept a yard or two behind the parents as they gobbled the mincemeat from my hand. Now I've got my new friend doing the same.... only now its earthworms, cockchafers or any creepy crawly I can find in a hurry.

Now I know Mags is more than capable of finding it's own tucker but I just can't help myself.
Perhaps I'm trying to form a bond.... and the bird sees me as a sucker who provides the meals. But I don't care.

And it may well come in handy if Mags is indeed a male and not far down the track he has his own family to support. Because when the time comes when he has to protect the newly arrived and defend his territory...... I hope he remembers me!

Yes..... that time of the year is fast approaching. Now I must say that the physical aspect of magpie attacks have never really bothered me..... it's just the fact that for some reason I'm a prime target. I've been on golf courses where there's been 50 players within a swooper's territory; and it's not amusing when 49 of them are falling about laughing while I'm trying to concentrate on my approach shot with a mad bird trying to knock me head off!

Even the placid bird down the road turns against me. Kids are happily walking to school, people are walking their dogs, going for a jog or enjoying a bit of gardening....... but that black and white missile has eyes for only me. Even the cyclists are laughing. I don't really want to drive the whole 400 metres to the shop to get my newspaper.

And I don't want to sound like I'm getting a tad paranoid but........

I've gotta go....... have to find some worms for my new mate.
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very touchy blog mate.
i 'd never thought u had a secret life ,as a bird's step parent.i looked on my dictionary to see what kind of bird u r talking about.
magpie then , nice of u billy and keep the good job , paying no attention to what people says or laughs.ur sexond blog ,if i am not wrong .hope its a big succes.handshake cheers beer: thumbs up
ha ha ha. Don't you have many birds? Ask your birds to find worms for your new mate!angel
I used to keep two birds. For four years. Later I set them free. Now sometimes I dreamed about them. In the dream, they were starving and begging me to give them more care. I miss them so much.blues

They knew me. They could understand me. Once, one of them flied away and disappeared. I cried heavily when facing the other one. Next day, that one flied back again. I felt that the world had ended but began again.
bird aren't meant to live in a cage ... its such a sad scene .... u did well janmei.
food isless imp than freedom.
Embedded image from another site

My birds are this species. Don't know how to name them in English.

Though I haven't seen them for nearly 7 years, I still remember their gestures, their countenance, their curious look, their combing their feather, their pecking the watermelon, their gentle singing, or their scaring scream when a cat came. innocent
wow mr. Bill
I duno that ur an animal lover!
Take care of ur birdie...
I knew that magpies were black in color yeah???
Go0d luck!
BILLY,When u say ,a friend for life , whose life u were referring??yours or the bird's cause u have to know Australian Magpies generally live to around 25 years of age, though ages of up to 30 years have been recorded.grin rolling on the floor laughing cheers
i made the calculations ,for u mate.just not to get tired.this bird is gonna die on ur 77-82 years of your life.
so make ur plans for ur common future.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing cheers
am afraid alf is right billy mate ... your bird will croak before u do ... it ain't a friend for life ...

try to find an 18 yo girl ... she'll be your 'friend' for life ... also, she can provide some benefits which, hopefully, you're not expecting from your bird ...


Cheers bill.
10k 18 yo???do u want to kill bill????rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
nahhh ... alf mate ... am sure billy can handle that three at a time ...
bo heis not medditeranean .he is aussie.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing cheers
well I guess you should be grateful it wasn't a great tit, or a lesser spotted woodpecker that was bombing you!!!

... but it's a cute story!
hi sas
i think billy is busy ,training his step bird ,not to shit his house all over rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing bouquet
waveMorning everyone.

I guess I should have explained a little more about the magpie (I just assumed there were varieties worldwide).

In a few weeks time the breeding season begins and the males get some hormonal change in the brain which can turn them extremely aggressive. Most of them are okay.... some are dead set crazy. But it is common knowledge that if ya befriend your local population, i.e. feed them, you are less likely to get ya hair parted down the middle when you're least expecting it.

I kinda talking about human-animal bonding. Like that lion Christian, who was raised by humans, then released into the wild where he adapted, yet still remembered the step parents later down the track....... and didn't have 'em for dinner.laugh
Yeah Alf and 10k. I intend to live a little longer yet fellas....... so it's best I stick to the 18 year old feathered kind of birds. Much, much easier to handle!uh oh

Hi Janmei. Those birds in ya pic look a bit like our white plumed honeyeaters..... except for the white ring around the eyes. And yes, we've got many varieties of birds here in Australia, including some very exotic parrots and cockatoos. Hence bird smuggling is a major problem.

And hi Shell. Oh yeah..... there aren't too many domesticated animals I haven't had much to do with over the years. And this might sound a little crazy, but I have my heart set on getting myself a jersey cow. All I need is somewhere to put her!laugh
Hi Sass! Great tits bombing me?

In my dreams!!rolling on the floor laughing

It sounds though, that you've got some aggressive little exocets over there as well.cheers
i read all about australian magpie ,before i posted on how long they live.i know the male attack to the people ,who go near the nests.but i believe u wont have any problem as his or her step father.time to write a book :me and me birdrolling on the floor laughing cheers
It's just the occasional bird that gets really aggressive Alf. Why they target me and couldn't be bothered with other people has me a bit perplexed...... maybe it's because I'm tall or something.dunno

But they really have it in for cyclists for some reason. People on foot will get attacked within 150 metres of the nest, whereas they'll get a bike rider up to 300 metres away. At least they've got a helmet.laugh
who knows billy.
maybe they confuse ur snoring wih the sound of the bikes engines,or ur haircut with a new kind of helmetrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing grin
So, THIS is what you meant by, "I've got the birds eating out of my hand" laugh
he meant "eating out of my HEAD"rolling on the floor laughing
good day billy.i am going to bed.seeu in a few hours.wave handshake
Good on ye, Billy for feeding the young one. :-)

We have Kildeer here that are very aggressive defending their young ones. They nest in the grasses on the ground here and the young are tiny models of the adults. Some of those adults are downright mean! uh oh

There's nothing like the bonding of human and animal. :-)
What an interesting blog Billy. I absolutely loved it. You are one interesting man. This blog provided a much needed break from the utter garbage me and 10k indulge in. wine
Actually we call this species "white ring eyes" in Chinese. There is another species which look like "white ring eyes" very much, but they do not have the white rings around their eyes and their legs are red and their sounds are not so gentle.

I hope Australia can protect her birds. They are such wonderful things and it is a sad thing if they disappear one day.
good afternoon billywave
just wake up.how is the step bird???ate lunch????u know some of these birds can talk,meaning they can say some humans words.if so,what will u teach urs to say???confused beer
Geez Alf.... do you ever sleep?laugh

Yeah... we've got some good talkers down here. I've come across some who can swear like a trooper as well. Have to be careful what ya say otherwise they'll could embarrass ya.cheers

Like most places in the world Janmei, destruction of their natural habitat is the problem. Most of our native fauna is protected but there are a few parrot species that are endangered.

But the smugglers go to any cruel lengths to get the birds through Customs..... and the eggs as well.

And thanks Cameltrunk.

A change of scenery, eh?cheers
Oh, hi Reverend....wave

Ya had me stumped with the killdeers....... had to google it up.

So they are plovers. We have a botanical gardens nearby with warning signs regarding the nesting plovers. I guess their behavior must be similar.laugh

bird ain't no things .... they are beings, sweetheart (;

4-5 hours ,sleep every day is enough.i sleep a lttle more on weekends.sleeping is like death.u cant see or feel life.cheers
Hi, 10kOhms..

What do you mean?

I consider myself a "thing" too...

Ummm not really human/animals are not things .... objects are things .... humans/animals are kinda more like beings rather than objects ... what u think babe?
@ janmei n 10k
u two r so in love,u make my heart melt.rolling on the floor laughing grin yay wave
nothing to comment ,my two little love birds???
cat ate ur tongue???rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing heart wings yay
Hey Billy,,good luck ,seems your blog is going quite well,,i knew you were a softie,looking after birds and all,,flirty If you need worms,i could ship some to ya,,laugh tons of them here after i cut my grass,,,,and as for your jersey cow,,i need something to keep the grass cut;;So i,ll give you worms for your birdblushing and you can keep your cow here for my grass,,,,fair deal,handshake

and I guess u would want billy to stay round his cow on your grass too right?

Ahhh ... this billy mate here ... he's got sooo many women and yet! none of them managed to hold him ....

he must be too hot to handle ... I WOULD JUST DUMP HIM FOR GOOD.

lol ...
Hiya TMwave

Geez I dunno......

Those Newbie winters are very cold aren't they? I guess ya could warm her up with some of that "Screech"....... but then there's the chance she'd stagger off onto one of those icebergs passing by.uh oh

What a dilemma! doh

And 10k....

With friends like you....... who needs enemies!!rolling on the floor laughing
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