okay so since people actually look at this..guys this is for you. What is it about a woman that causes her to be just desert...not the full course you know what i mean? You know the girl on the side...the one you just wont let go of but wont make her your main thing?

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tell u the truth my dea,never falt so for a woman , and if u felt ,like a desert once,u had to leave this relation ,as a sick one.bouquet grin
wow oh god i do suck i don't have one of those . wow
look girl i think u r confused a bit.
looking so sweet as a desert ,doesnt make u one on a relationship.rolling on the floor laughing bouquet wave
Hiya sweet,
You deserve to be much better than a dessert. You just have to realise that you are worth more than that. While you accept being the last course, that's all you'll receive. Show 'em what you are really made of and they'll be quaking in their shoes and wanting the be all and end all!
Hugs and laughter,
Thanks Shambelina
reminds me of the saying 'wants their cake and eat it'

women are worth so much more than this
in all seriousness never play second base the first step is to realise that you are a wonderful person deserving of ones full attention .
After carefully giving this question some thought, the only conclusion I can come to is that 'you' have chosen the wrong man if 'you' become "desert".

I don't mean you, you, I mean 'you', as in any woman.
First, in order to have desert, the one on the side, you have to have the main one! dunno confused grin
appreciate the comments...i partially think it is my own dang fault.

Could it be your own fault? Are you putting yourself in a position to be desert? Are you enjoying it. Any? Sometimes man has been known to do things for pleasure. Partial pleasure too.
You might look at someone and wounder why they put themselves though pain. I would think it is usually because there is some form of pleasure associated with it. Not necessarily physical pleasure either. I would think it would likely be mental pleasure in most cases of self induced pain.
First you must learn to love yourself and hold your self worth in high esteem. If a man sees you as his dessert then he doesn't deserve you in the first place cause if he truly cares about you as a woman, a friend and a partner then you will be his entire meal, appetizer, soup, salad, entree and like all right thinking persons...savour the sweetness of you...WOMAN!
This woman knows better. Your not fooling me. You put a desert in the middle of the refrigerator, what is going to happen when you are hungry and open the door?
'Tennesseeian' mothers are doing a pretty good job from what I'm observing ....
DESSERT... to follow main course, usually of fruit, pudding or other sweets.
DESERT... desolate, uninhabited or barren doh
I need a proof reader, not spell check. Hey why can't they make one of those for the computer. It would use a system like the google ads uses. For example if you were talking about eating and food and used the word "desert", when you ran it though proof reader, it would suggest "dessert". Or if you were talking about sand and Arizona, and used the word "dessert" it would suggest "desert".... sound like a very complicated program that could have poor accuracy...just and ideatyping
Hmm..Dont let that man keep you as dessert if you feel that is how he is treating you.. Toss that man away and Find yourself a better quality man who values you..You cant control other people but you can control who you allow to be in your life.
P.S..I think this is a loaded topic for anyone let alone a guy..People can only treat someone badly or take them for granted if they are allowed to treat that person that way. We all have preferences on who we would be in a relationship with..Could be many reasons a person doesnt want a relationship with someone but aparantly they enjoy meaningless sex with that person or the fact that person keeps themselves open to be used.
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