this dont make sense

why do u females accept my friendship invite if you are not going to return my messages
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Maybe because it looks good from the outside to have many friends? Check out the "top 100" laugh. Personally I only accept friend requests from people I've actually exchanged mails ab front and most of my buddies want to keep it private anyway wink. Maybe you should change your approach, messaging first and then request. If I would accept all of my friend and fan requests from complete strangers it would look like rocky horrors picutre show laugh
Nothing makes sense to me. Why am I sitting here all alone and there are woman sitting out there all alone too. We should be together. Maybe cook a nice dinner together. Make a nighttime pot of coffee after we're stuffed and before a movie. And then desert during the movie. We could share a little blanket and cuddle. Brush my teeth, use the bathroom and then some passionate sex to end the night, and then pass out with our bodies all tangled together.dunno

Why is that so hard to find....
I guess some girls like to be needed but they never give the love back....anyway cheer up dude!!!
To be honest I never even knew what the heck friend requests were until like 6mos into being here. I still dont really understand the purpose. Cant they just email you without being your 'friend?' What is the point of having someone on ur friend list?
Drea the purpose is so people can brag about how many friends they have and compete with others to obtain the most friends. It is all just a popularity contest in their own mind. I get friend request all the time from people on facebook. You accept them and then you never hear from them. With face book it could also be they are just nosy. If you have your privacy settings for friends only it is a way they can check out your business. At least that is my take on it but maybe someone has a better explanation.
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