hi everyone iv been wondering is it a rule for people to cheat on there boyfriend girlfriend husband wife i know people that are cheating i have it bottled up inside my head i know i should tell the other person but no one ever believes me what is it why do people cheat it makes me sick inside just thinking about it johntheraven1
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dont get ivolved neither party will thank u ! trust me; same situation both dont talk 2 me now u wont win its hard but plead ignarance m8
right on ill just pretend like i know nothing
Before you decide, ask yourself the question, if my best mate knew my wife/girlfriend was cheating on me, would I want to know?
And then ask, if I found out that my best mate knew that my wife/girlfriend was cheating on me and didnt tell me, would I kill him, beat the crap out of him, or just punch him once in the face?
Which option is forgivable?
If they are just an aquaintence its probably to keep your trap shut or else you could be the one killed, had the crap beaten out of you, or punched in the face. But feel free to have no respect for their behaviour.
Its not a rule. Its purely selfish and without thought of consequences, or others emotions.
Blame your genitals, hormones or childhood trauma all you like, say your only human, but if you can't remain faithful, you are nothing better than an animal on heat. If you are missing something in your relationship, try looking for it at home, not next door, or across the fence.
BTW, thanks johntheraven1 for stepping up. Kudos.

Hey John, It's all about power, so the one cheating is taking away the power of both the person they're cheating on and the person they're cheating with ("I can't be with you 100%"). Inevitably, everyone ends up powerless. So what sort of power are you seeking when you want to tell the other person? I think your power could be used better...
i just want to stay away and forget
no hun its not right to cheat on your partner it blows all chance of trust in a relationship but please try to remeber that not everyone is like that and there are people out there that wonit do this you will ruin your chances of a new relationship if u carry the baggage of your old ones if u do that they win i hope u find someone who gives u the respect u deserve best wishes
i dont no why people cheat.i put it down to that they hate them selfs and dont mind who they hurt
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