How many times you take a bath/ shower in a day ?

Sometimes because of the culture or the weather we have a different habit.
Here we usually take a bath twice a day not less than that. We brush our teeth 3 times a day, morning, afternoon and before sleeping.
Our colleagues Russians they take shower once in a week wow grin
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They clean themselves from the inside out with enough Vodka grin
me sometimes 3 times a daydoh
at phils i can make it m0re than 3x,especialy n our province, we r blessed with a lot of water.
Now 2 is enuf 4 me and save some water.,but when i back, promiz i make it 10 lol

Share u this, at jordan, when winter they Shower evry 2 or 3days at summer mybe 1nce a day coz of lack of water supply,
In general n0t evryday they can,,, juz if they want! Lol
sometimes we take a bath more than two times depends on how hot is the weather
Do you mean bath? not shower.....shower is quicker and less water missus
Once a month, whether I need it or not.
Whats the point of 3 showers/baths a day? What a huge waste of water, for no reason. I take a shower a day, unless I work out or go to the gym in the evening, then its two a day. But thats a shower, and for a valid reason. Not a water wasting bath, soaking in my own filth. I take baths once, maybe twice a month, to relax, or if my muscles are tight for some reason.

If you are showering that much because of the weather, and can afford to buy some sort of fan or cooling system, I suggest that as an alternative to wasting so much water.
I agree. Even after a rare bath, I like to shower off with fresh water.

I have an illegal as hell shower. I modified my 2.5 GPM shower head. See, out here in the country, I pull water out of the ground from a shallow well, and then I run it over my body and I return it to the ground to be filtered, via a septic system. Net loss is zero in my math book.dunno

Shower away!
@ mike
Hahahaha u realy made me laugh
Ok...d0nt have a bath! Lol

H0nestly in a tr0pical country like mine, we realy love to bath/shower twice or m0re than that, we can save water still,,, lot of ways... Example, we always swam at rivers or seas then rinse in a well near the coconut trees, so d water runs into water drainage to goes into crop fields...s0metimes house ventelation can make us sick, like, having pulm0nary cough coz of dried sweat on our back,,, etc!
And 4 me having bath always cool and fresh my mind,
Plus the n0ne stinky feeling!
Hahahaha wowwww
oh i forgot to menti0n,, its also important for us to save Electrical Energy coz of high cost of fuel and gas and oil than the cost of water!
Yes, Shelly. I agree. The water does refresh the mind too. Water on my skin helps me think clearer. I don't have an explanation for it, but it really does make me feel better. Maybe it will be something I should take some time to think about. Maybe I will soak in the tub later and try to find some answers. 111, I invite you to join me. It will be purely scientific research.innocent
hi shell-

agreed...I know what a tropical weather can be like, living in florida...last week it was over 100 degrees with the humidity....but, there is a difference between overindulgence and needing to be clean. cheers

I mean, if every person took 3 showers a day, thats alot of waste, in my book. cheers

and Mike....someone just told me last week about a law obama is passing about the watch out! LOL
He will have to take my shower head out of my cold dead hand!

Is there such a thing as "overindulgence"? That word is an oxymoron. If it's good, then more is better. No?
you ever had the bathe in a lake are ocean then youl appreciate a bath are shower
...well if you change your mind, it's no trouble, I'm already naked.

I guess I'll just use this opportunity of being naked to vacum the house.dunno

It's almost 9 AM here; and, I've had two showers, and brushed my teeth twice; my hair is almost dry again.

the weather can change our habit maybe from 2x to 3x and depends also on the water sources, 2x or 3x can be with less water.
up to 3 times,even if cold
He will have to take my shower head out of my cold dead hand!
What a classic!banana
anyway to be clean and fresh is a good way to live cheers
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