Wolves Are Among Us

Wolves are predators. The wolves that I'm talking about, don't feed on small animals, but on human emotions. They find their soft spots, then they attack it. These animals prey on the young, the old, the naive, and the ignorant, the weak and the strong, no one's really safe from these animals. These animals tell us what we want to hear, they feed on our feelings like parasites and after they get into your system, your personality starts to change, you become short tempered, hateful, spiteful, vengeful, you start becoming a mirror image of this parasite, and the more this parasite drains you, you'll find yourself hurting the people who really care about you, like yelling at your children more often than you normally do, or thinking' that the world has turned on ya, in fact, you're the one who's changed. Me I know a wolf when I see one, I've been a quiet person most of my life, watching and observing and understanding peoples behaviors, I've been watching these animals for a long time in our society as well as many others, far as I'm concerned these animals should be shot on site, but unfortunately we can't hunt wolves in a America, it's illegal. So start building bigger fences and keep the wolves at bay. It's funny, cause when I look at our animal kingdom, I don't see them doing this to each other. So I ask you, who are the real animals?
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These sites are filled with parasites, you become the host they suck you dry, then they want more but not you so much as "the frienship" They play as you say sindellyse, on our emotions. Eventually they keep the, chase...bottom line 1/ want money
2/ want to marry you to leave their country!

But than again, what do you expect on a free site, the cream of the crop, not here; only the fake photos!

Name of any wolf comes to mind you may have come across on CS? Please alert us. Also, do you approve of camels?
That depends cameltrunk, I like the two hump camel myself
Dear sindellyse u have won my heart by showing your affection for two humps. By the way I was wondering these wolves you talk about…are you talking when a person gets to know someone personally and things don’t go well between them and one seen as a wolf or you just making a generalization about people who can indirectly influence you in a negative way, I mean who you actually pointing your finger at?

Ali, you need to lose a lot of weight right under this kind of ok ok attractive face before you become eligible to have me as your stalker. Ok. If you cannot run because you have a huge a**…which I think you have… then it is useless for me to be your stalker. I hope you understand.
cameltrunk I am talking about people who prey on people to get what they want, they are not looking for love or even care, it is either money or something else that they have their sites on, not about people who are looking for something special and it doesn’t work out, these wolves, they have a hidden agenda
Have you been personally attacked by such a wolf? I mean if you have such a cunning eye for spotting a wolf, I think you may never have let it affect you and then you may never have written anything like this. So, when you write all of this, I can conclude that you must have been affected by the type of person you label as wolf. The other thing is if you get involved with someone and they turned out to be a wolf, don’t you think the blame can equally be put on you to start something with someone emotionally because you felt lonely and found something in desperation and then later you felt unhappy with your find. Once you let anything get in your life at your own volition and you feel not happy about it, you can label anyone anything…it is just one side of the story. If you were to ask your wolf, they will say, well, he’s a wolf, not me.

Some people are very rational and practical and their actions are mostly not well received by the effusive, emotional types. When an emotional person don’t get what they want, they mostly call the practical, sane person something….the name can be wolf, camel, or any animal.

I actually liked your style of writing so I just wanted to further explore your blog.

Anyway, it was just my two cents. I mean I am very happy in my life with my lover 10k . Best Bald eagle anyone could find.
So very true about those wolves. Subtlely I consider them as emotional blackmailers feeding on your weak spot. One way or another, most of us in cs must have been emotional survivors of some sort hence this site is a magnet for those wolves. Or that being hurt several times has changed us into some sort of wolf ourselves. But being in cs makes me believe we are not building walls and fences just filtering whom to reply to.bouquet
cameltrunk No I have not been a victim of this myself, but I have watched this so many times in my life now and sickens me to no end, specially the Elderly when a women of 60 years of age looking for love and a Wolf in sheep’s clothing and a smooth talker ends up taken this women for a ride, this man should be hunted down like a dog. I do agree with you, I see you’re an intelligent individual, yes people can start a relationship with someone emotionally then end up hurting that person, I do not consider them as wolf though the thing is you really have to know and understand the person you are and how this will effect the person your with also, now if a man is just out to hurt someone mentally on a high emotional level, that is just cruel,and heartless.
Yes tatami these sites are known for wolves, so we must try to see them for who they are, some are also quite intelligent and blend in quite well, but they make mistakes, just human error on their part, the thing is you must follow your instinct not your heart
Mean people suck.
Maybe they should change the name of this site to connecting wolves.com confused laugh

I dunno Sin, I have a feeling you've been burned one too many times in your life, and have put up a barrier by just simply thinking everyone is up to no good cheers
Drea111 no barrier here sweetie, I see the good in people and have faith that people in general are good, but we do cross some bad ones don’t we? And no I have not been burned by anyone, just tired of watching people get hurt by these animals
ah....ok. Well a saying comes to mind here....we teach people how to treat us. So, unfortunately, many of these folks that are the victims of 'wolves' dont ever learn from Maybe I'll feel bad for them once, but after that, nope. You see, the problem is, its a certain personality of people that the 'wolves' prey on.....those that never learn to fend for themselves. handshake
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