Really not as bad as you think..............

I'm really not as bad as you think.I can really change your point of view of life and show you how a woman needs to be treated.Why not give me a chance to show you the world and make you feel good in your life.

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i'll let u to show me d right way!!!
I realy need that!!
But i also tell u that im not that bad as they think i am!!!
do you think we think bad of you for all women think such a thing as love for be treated like princess do you know how bad we think of you be true and honest for love no matter distance is true treat woman like god looks above you once god is in ur liufe woman be in ur life making sandwiches teddybear
@ alexie
R u talking to me or to d blogger?
Im c0nfused!
But yez ur kinda ryt over der!
Woman should n0t be treated like a god to look up upon, coz if u lo0k at them up high, they may fall on ur face and give u a big slap! Hahahahaha
wtf are all these kissin teddy-bears ...??

is every men around turning gay lately?
Oh you love it and you know it, 10k!teddybear teddybear laugh
flirtlion, I surrender my love to youteddybear

10k, bad love is better then no love.
@ 10k
Hey bro, what d???
Ur ruining my fantasy....
Now i wana pull my 1st p0st...
Is he a g...???
Wat ya think?
@ shell_0ne, N0...iF I was spEakiNg t0 y0u I'd d0 it lIke thiS rolling on the floor laughing teddybear teddybear
yes, the teddy bears indeed are nauseating, from anyone.....

teddybear teddybear teddybear barf rolling on the floor laughing handshake
Ah, I like the teddy bears! They are happy little fellas. Okay, I will remember that you do not like the teddies, Drea!wine
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