Storm Chasing

After recording last night's storm, it just occurred to me that I may actually be an amateur storm chaser!
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I like stormy weather too. Ever since I was a little kid, raised in the Midwest, I realized I got a little frisky whenever a storm approached. I can still feel the feeling of playing outside in the yard during the summer time with a storm bearing down on me/us(my siblings) and the energy it would give me/us. All these years later, I still feel it when the hurricanes come.

I guess we're not alone. That is why there is storm chasing and hurricane partys. It makes me wounder...
Ridgewood, NY is pretty close to the Ocean. I know you guys in the Mid West get these all the time. But with us New Yorkers, it's very rare. Although, we seem to be getting more lately. One ACTUALLY touched down in South Brooklyn on August 8, 2007 at 6:30 am. Too bad I wasn't down there to record it
I've only seen the damage of one, about 3 miles from our house. I saw it from an airplane afterwards. A wide path of trees knocked down in a swirl configuration. An occasional farm house basement you could see into because the house on top was gone. Not ordinary. Powerful. Seemingly unexplained. I guess all strong draws to it.
Thats awesome B38Q3niner!

I think you should look into going to school for that. Only one recommendation, dont chase storms on your scooter!

@3478mike: Yea, the seem powerful. A hurricane does MORE damage than a tornado.
@Drea111: rolling on the floor laughing that was a good one lol
While Hurricanes usually do more damage they are also easier to predict than tornados...Tornados change direction alot faster and more often tham hurricanes.
@Cincity: Exactly. And tornadoes can't flood areas like Hurricanes can
I'd pick a hurricane over a tornado any day. We have the opportunity to watch them approach for days.
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