hello eveyone

anyone who have fitness question or advise in injury acute or chornic please tag me
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loosing weight dieting,cardio fitness flexibility
back/hip shoulder/ neck/et .. prob
if doc sujjest surgery ??????????????
what are the disadvantages of havin a fast metabolism?

u know, some people just eat anythin at hand and yet ... they never put on weight ... u know ... they can't be simply luck .. there must be some price they've gotta pay for that ...
later paul,if they young under 30's they gonna change their metabolism and start gaining kilos .i have seen that seveal times .wine cheers
Not so with me Alf. I put on 5 kilos in the winter, and lose it in the summer....

And it's been that way for as long as I can remember.

It's in the genes...... there ain't no heavy branches in my family tree.laugh
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