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Last month I was thinking of this... It was like its playing on my mind every time I think of the future plans for my life for my family especially for my son. I wanted to plan things on my own... there is the plan to go back on college to finish my Bachelor's Degree, there is I wanted to put up a small business to support me financially when start my plans... In short, I want to do things on my own. I'm pretty much an independent person.

I want to feel that I have finished something on my own. Am I being too self fish? There is this guy... his younger than me... but he wanted to support my needs and everything... I can't understand him, in a way that how can he supports me if he doesn't understand the way life goes in reality.

I hope someday he will understand it. I don't want to be rude on him but he needs time for himself to think about what he can really do for me.

I need a man that can support me more than I can do to my self.
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What do you mean? But you know he loves you!sad flower
The only different is young love and old love. Old man love will be more mature, young man love wont be mature as you expected, but it stills love. gift
Ive just been reading what you wrote, and i dident relise up until now that it was on here, it kind of made me feel sad reading it...It was kind of i felt like what you feel...I know im not a big shot, Im not prefect i mean i could of done better with my life, but ive tryed with supporting my family members who have needed my help and ive tryed with making relationships work, I can and will be able to support you, People might think that im only 19 years old and dont know what i want in life, But from a young age i had my goals and i can and will achive them all...I would say more but this is a dating site...You have seen the comment one of my friends left on here to this and she can see the true me aswell...But this was a nice piace of writing you wrote and it"s nice to know that you still think about me...You have seen that im a man of my word..and never lie...Maybe someday we look back on this day and largh....Dont let the concept of my age make you think that im unable to look after a family because im awilling to...
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