have you told yourself today that you love you yet?
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no .... no i haven't is that bad ?
I did. But, unfortunately, it's unrequited. laugh
Hi lemundrop! As a matter of fact I did! dancing
I see absolutely no need for that, I mean why lie?very mad
Well, Camel, I love you!kiss
Miss Venus…but then u also love frozen penises, how am I different?frustrated
laugh very funny comments!
have you learned something new today about yourself?
not today ,but yeaterday ,i found out ,i can be the same arshole even if i am on high fever.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing comfort bouquet cheers
Have I told myself today that I love me?
ah~not yet.shock
I will say it to me now.
I love me. kiss
Feel better. yay
Ur blog is wonderful.
Yes, CT, but I don't LOVE the penises.wink
no BUT Thanks for the Reminder
<<<< looking in mirror
LOVE YAkiss kiss heart beating heart1 heart wings love smitten cheering applause yay
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