8th steps of Love

there is 8the relation between a man and a woman to reach
the stage of LOVE

1st step is thoughts (when He/She thinks about each other)

2nd step is talk with same sex about her/his loved ones.

3rd step is company with ur loved ones with out expressing ur LOVE

4th step is company with ur loved ones with Jokes and conversation.

5th step is expressing ur Love to ur Beloved.

6th step is Sex ( after marriage intercourse)

7th step is keep last 7th step continu with ur will (in good or bad condition)

8th satge is called LOVE.

it's final stage. No one can reach here without first 7th steps.
here is body lust has gone end here is.
He/She think clearely about her/his beloved and feel her/his true or fake love?
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Jamil. Ya keep coming up with quotes and rules and regulations...

and now steps.

Ya can't do this stuff by the book. Chuck it out. Jump on it. Burn it. Forget it.

And ya can't prepare or rehearse or script it. Just go with the flow.cheers
morning billy.yes i know its 6:00pm over there.lol
hi jamil.
billy u know that jamil is fond of dogmas ,more than pop and stalin.i believe he uses special way to pee or eat or do any.
jamil,love has no rules or any directives to follow .it is or it isnt ,that simple.grin cheers
G'day Alf. How's that cold going?

Yeah. I can just picture it. Just getting hot and amorous and fiddling with the gear on a lady when suddenly I remember Step 6.doh

Stuff the steps!!rolling on the floor laughing
i am ok ,for now.i havent any fever for the last 15 hours and still out of smoking.lets go back to step 1 .rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing grin cheers
Yeah, right. Step 1.....


I can think about it all I like.dunno

Fat lot of good that'll do me.laugh
Jamil, believe me only if you could take off your shirt and do not write anything in these blogs, we would love you more. You ruined your reputation ever since you became philosophical. I have never seen Billy disapprove anything, if he seems so pissed, you must be doing something really really wrong. Pump up back those muscles baby…screw love. The first step and the last step should be: get a hooker and get laid.
You wouldn't believe, CT, how well I've done to restrain myself sometimes.roll eyes

The thought of bread and water for breakfast, lunch and dinner may have something to do with it.laugh
billy u sound like cont montechristodoh comfort cheers
Whatever.roll eyes

I meant to ask ya. What did they feed you when you were down in the dungeon?
never managed to recognize .it was too dark and too tasteless to figure it out.i believe rice mostly and bread.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing peace cheers
And ya got ten days, eh?

hmmm Hmmm. What can ya say to get 10 days?

3 insults? Half a dozen?

Nah.... one will do. Just make it a good one!rolling on the floor laughing
u need ur right adel and ...bammmm ,u find urself locked in.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing cheers
Oh, I've got my sights set on a target or two alright. But I shall show some restraint..... for now.laugh

Sorry Jamil. It appears we've got off the track a bit here.

Good luck and watch those steps.cheers

Change your company immediately. They're making you sick. Or change the school u're going to. If you are....

Or perhaps just shutting up may be a good idea. You're constantly trying to invite bullies. May be billy can volunteer for some traditional style spanking for ya. Alfi, tell him your horrific dungeon stories so that u don't do it again. doh
max my friend ,there is no cure for our buddy jamil.only if he was around and we could talk for hours and ab all the mysteries of life,we could have a small progress on his rust and sick mind.
i think its too late now
doh comfort cheers
Wonder if he and Fieldir could have a chat..dunno
we cant have a chat ,imagine them.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
maybe it would be one way chatting.only fieldir's posts.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing grin
besides i dont think f.would ever talk to an infidelrolling on the floor laughing banana yay doh wine
Well he talks to me!!dunno rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
u r not an infidel.if he'll find out u r a muslim,he'll never talk to u again.u ...r a muslim,arent u?????rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing comfort bouquet yay beer
No, but he thinks I'm a Jezebel. Not much different on his score card, I'm sure.grin cool
just paid a visit on ur profile dear and found out that u r not the religious kind of woman.he is talking to u ,trying to save u soul and drag u out of the sin life.he is in a mission from god as blues brothers once saidrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing peace bouquet head banger
Been there, done that. Much wiser now.cheers
I though u would ahve included a 6.5th step which would be to consult the kamasutra give that u're an india national....

.... anyways u disappointed me jamil ...
i proved to myself that god doesnt exist ,when i was on my 19's yo.since then never looked back.cheers yay
ok ok .... that should have been the 5.5th step ... right?

well ain't even indian ... shit!! am missin big time these days ...

10 relax bro.
i am sick u malfuction?????doh cheers head banger
I didn't say God doesn't exist, Alf. I have done the Bible thumper thing, back in my early twenties, is what I meant. hug
10k, you seem a bit pent up today. Maybe Jack has some mj for you...help you chill outcool kiss
its me ,who says and proves that god in any form doesnt exist,not u.i dont know why u thought i meant something like that.grin bouquet innocent
10k ,u r not in a good shape.i believe it has nothing to do ,with j's missing.comfort doh wine
@venus ..

yeah that would be a touch of heaven here on earth ... Jack please ... hand over a leaf.


indeed bro .. am shit tired cause of all the work I've gotta do ...

I'm being driven like a dman dog these days ...

maybe its time fo holidays in greece 10k.think ab it.i i'll invite camel if u r ready for the hard staff.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing cheers

betta not ... I hold dear my virgin behind ...
dont u like him any more?????rolling on the floor laughing cool confused banana head banger
well yes sure I like him ... roasted on a camp fire though .. lol ...
ok i have an excellent bbq.we roast every easter a big ship.u can use it for casmel if u like.rolling on the floor laughing thumbs up beer handshake
Menu of d day:

1) camel humps with cream ... wonderful

2) camel legs with mushroom sauce ... awesome

3) camel tongue in wine and vineger ... a delicacy ..

$) camel testicles with orange sauce ... NOT POSSIBLE CONSIDERING THE CAMEL IN QUESTION ...

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