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Some were drop gorgeous funny in my blog today. I know people smell easily the target to push into tears and terror. I know as a schizophrenic what world at its most scarce sense does. I would not be so, if I knew nothing about world.

So anyone reading my blogs stay hell far away from me. I already know people are dangerous for mental health, I do not need you to show it to me.
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people are the actual cure for mental illnesses .... friendship and warm feelins can do miracles ..

good recovery.
Warm feelings, yes, ridicule, not. Thanks for comment.
I read those blogs. No one targeted you. You must be the only one who thinks you are an easy target. Don't think that even occurred to anyone else. I doubt that at the time those comments were posted, anyone even knew of your schizophrenia.

I knew a wonderful woman who was schizophrenic and she had a great sense of humor. dunno

Anyway, suggestion... use your faith to forgive and forget and be happy.
I guess the best thing for keeping your mental health private is to stay private. When you post a blog here, what do you expect? You expect people will simply read what you write and then will be in a complete state of awe? O come on man, grow up, you are an adult. If you think you are an easy target, then rethink your strategy and get back to them. The best defense is a good offense. Your mind can do wonders that way and you will feel so relaxed. All the best.
don't mind me just lurking thru .

Take me to your leader!

transport rolling on the floor laughing
I have come across many types of humour: loving and hateful, ridiculing and comforting.. I think I know which type is which...

I write about the state of my mind as honestly as I possible can, for I want not insensitive people in my life.

I appreciate although there is someone who feels keen to express his or her wit here in my blog, stay away... I am no doll to make fun of.
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