Plastic Beach - Gorillaz - album review

Well, earlier on Facebook, I made a video review on this album so I figure, I'll make a blog on here too.


I got the exclusive package for this album (I received a 16 track CD, documentary DVD, t-shirt and online experience card) and I was very impressed.

The songs were very well composed and written. Each song is almost like a different experience all together. With a series of guest singers and wide variety of interments from across the world, I suppose it's hard to not have a different vibe from song to song.

In a few songs, they had a rap/hip-hop vibe. In a few others, they had more of a ska feel. Then in others, they were more alternative.

Gorillaz also had many guest singers; singers that varied from Snoop Dogg to Bobby Womack to Lou Reed.

When my mother and I watched the documentary DVD, we were also very impressed on how much work they had put into this. The DVD described the labor put into the building of the actual plastic beach model and the time put into getting the orchestras/singers together to preform.

I just wanted to say that I was extremely happy when I received this CD. Whenever you get a chance and a few dollars to spend, I really suggest you purchase this album. I promise you that it's worth every cent and not a waste of your time.
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i remember the gorillaz professor

............. aw damn now i feel old .
i love every cd they done so far
@johntheraven1, yeah they're really excellent

@adamisk, awww don't feel old. Everyone listens to them. Plus half The Clash is in it (at least in the Plastic Beach album).
it could be worse couldn't it the blog could have been about aerosmith .lol.
Agreed. Or Genesis or Stevie Ray Vaughn or Carlos Santana or The Cure.
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