About dolls

They dance around. They laugh when asked. I am no doll. There is no urge in me to please other people. As a fact I hate many people, many normal people, who are loveless, know nothing about wisdom, are insensitive,,, I am not any God-sent-angel to comfort, understand and softly play around. I am more the furious truth-lover who hates all wickedness and rottenness.

I do know I possess a mind and delivery that evokes a lot of hate.

Haters, please do not bother to show you expertice of slanging here. Seek and find another playground where to throw your superior wit and hatefulness. I hate you as much as you hate me. Let's not dialog about that.
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confused isiah,take away all the hatered you feel inside girl,,not good,not healthy sweetyhug comfort we are here to enjoyhandshake cheers
easy .. easy babe .....

uh oh
Wow, no one hates you, but maybe you. Most people here really want to be supportive of each other, but if a person has a really thin skin, meaning super super sensitive, then it will just be an exercise in frustration for them to post blogs here.

This is a place where you can speak your mind, why would you want to deprive someone else of doing the same? dunno

Let's put it this way, you reap what you sow. If you want respect then you must give it. If you want kindness and understanding and patience then you must give it.

If you want to feel abused, that is entirely your choice, but no one here is hating you. No offense, but the idea that you think you mean so much to people that they would spend time hating you is actually very egotistical.

Just breathe and relax. This really is a fun place if you let loose and let it be.bouquet
I see your point. I am not strong and confident to play around. I am rigid and furious, wild and egocentric. That is the way I am, and nothing makes me change. In fact I hold my head high being the way I am.

And my thin skin. I definitely admit. I have no much appreciation to people in general. I am most sorry,, I fear other people, and that is how it is.
Hello, Isaiah, it's strange how we see ouaelves one way and others see us in a completely different way. I think you seem very strong and confident. I also see your fury. But it takes enormous amounts of strength to just be yourself and not let anyone change you.

You may live with a diagnosis of schizophrenia, but that does not define who you really are. I'm sure we will learn a lot from your blogs. Thank you for showing me what standing strong in who you are, looks like.
Hello Venus!

Hopefully the dialog we're having evokes from reciprocal respect for one another..

I am just making a journey knowing finally who I am, and why am I what I am.

One thing I disagree. I think being sensitive to a point that evolves schizophrenia defines me a great deal.
It has to be hard to hate everyone. I could understand if you didn't trust everyone but hating no. Hating everyone just leaves you alone. You have to want to change before you can change.
Okay, Isaiah, cheers handshake
i can't think of anyone that i hate .................. i really need an arch villain that would give me something to do on friday nights .

i could be the bald eagle .
or chocolate thunder .

the possibilities are endless .
Ooo, I like Chocolate Thunder, Adam! Arch nemisis...Milkman, since milk dilutes chocolate?wave
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