Am tired of been single.. am also fed up of this site..
no one to chat to.. every where just silent..
wow am tired of been single...........
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Seems like you're ready to resort to a call girl lol
lonely 1234
can i give you some advice about this site this is a wonderful site with really wonderful people you included may be your approach is too forward may be your not comunicating gently my sugestion is first make a friend with the person you like be respectful honest and caring in other words just treat these peopl exacly the way you would expect to be treated please just go easy request a friend ship then await the person answer you will see your life will change if i may add on this site there is only quality not quantity if you happen to date a person from this site she will be a quality lady for sure so take a little time chill out relax and you will see the difference ok i wish you all the best madala
why not try to enjoy chatting in the forums on this site, its the same for us all
my suggestion to you is listen to madala and robplum. good luck lonely1234
Yep. Join in with us mate.

Have a say in the blogs or forums.... whatever ya feel comfortable with.

You'll be amazed at the difference it makes.cheers
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