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Hey guys. I will only take seriously the emails,cards, and what-not from my area(south west tn)if you don't know where scotts hill is I'll tell you. I don't venture very far from home and really who's gonna fly round the whole for a date. I take care of myself very well. I am looking for the same. Honesty, kindness, and confidence a must. how can I believe in you if you don't.laugh banana handshake
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The forums are the best place for this if ya haven't gone there already handshake
Mentioning this in ya profile might help as well.

You can also state in your Match Info the distance you're prepared to travel. cheers
i think almost woman and guys take it serious so you will meet your half for sure. i can only say i not know any test or word that will show you love. so you choice of area is close to you is good. i know date is important so you will see this chemistry in reallity so i wish you luck
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