The bad day

I wake up, go to cigarette. See my mom and think: still few hours... We smoke, I make some coffee. Grandfather wakes up. He is so devil, I think.

Niece wakes up and nephew. They eat breakfast and take off. Off to south. I am delighted: finally alone. I smoke some more cigarettes sit by the computer and start to write: grandfather....

Tonight I am taken back to my own apartment. Hurray. I stood three days with relatives, close relatives and understood why I am so f*cked up. It's enough for this time of understanding.

On wednesday I go to see the psychologists. She dislikes my mother.
My mother hates her.

Tonight I will drink the couple doses and be happy, solitare and in peace. This all I write is purposeless.

The family ties,, all origin of the sorrow and pain.
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..some days are bare naked. Think you captured it.
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