i understand people say they want to kill them selfs but i wonder if anyone ever has just said its over and killed themselfs what's your thoughts on this johntheraven1
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it does happen yes ...
do people just get so desperate to get out of this world
i told u b4 a long time ,john,that i did it,but it wasnt a succesful suicide.just stayed on coma for 2 days.i 'd ather not to talk ab it.grin cheers
I've been to 3 particular funerals in the last 10 years or so.

3 blokes, good families, financially secure, seemingly happy...... and they just did it.

Why? Well, if it was the common denominator we suspected, they were carrying their troubles for a long long time.
how does a person get get rid of troubles are depression
been there myself twice but both attempt failed duh!!so if death rejected you so might as well not bothered lol
but what if sometimes life seems so disappointed that you only think to die
whenever your mind start to wonder off to crazy things you just have to say to yourself it cud be worst. and just keep walking hope youll handle it better when the next time things hit you back.

' Life isn't fair, but life isn't fair for everyone. That makes life fair '
If you're "disappointed" with ya life... get a new one.

A complete overhaul. Different scenery, different job, different friends. Give yourself a challenge.

Become a new man.

And remember... you only live once and you are a long, long time dead.

So you've gotta make the best of it while ya can.
I had an old freind do it too, recently. Well educated by the institutions, masters degree. Seemed to have much to live for. Large estate, though I don't know what debts he carried, wife, 'respectable' job and side business. Fortunately no kids. (or maybe unfortunately if you've read what I've written on other blogs)

I know of another that made the attempt and ended up in the hospital as well.

I don't have the answers john, as I am only a truck driver, but like someone above me said, just keep pushing on, things can ALWAYS be much much worse. Be thankful for what you have. Maybe spends some time with people that are less fortunate then you...I don't know, but it's probably more in your head then what the true facts support. You look like a nice young man, who has a job, his freedom, his whole future ahead of himself. Yes some days can be very saddening, but just hang in there. If I hadn't I would have missed out on so much. Think of your future. Maybe a woman in your life, maybe a family. We have no idea what the future will bring. You wouldn't want to miss out on potential happiness that is ahead of you. It might be 10 years out yet, you don't know. Just keep plugging along and keep your chin up. That's what we all do.
I never think of suicide because everyone is in queue to die, none is eternal. If life is bitter then to suicide is not better than life itself. The time we have when we are still alive is a bless that we have to make it to be useful during our life. If we are still given the time to live it means that time is in our hand, one day certainly we could make all our dreams come true, all we need is to be patient and be strong.
We know on other parts of the world, how people fight to keep themselves alive, they are starving or they are suffering because of war, bombs blast everywhere.
Be careful to reject this dangerous bait used by the demons.the wicked spirits not only mislead people but also frighten them.hundreds of people who once lived in daily dread of such wicked spirits have been able to break did they do this?,the firmness of a wall depends very much on the strength of its foundation.In the same way,the firmness of our faith depends greatly on the strength of its base,which is accurate knowledge of God's word.-1 john 5:5

mate i always learn to love the things that Jehovah holds dear. and it strengthens me.handshake
ofcource ,u cant except me to give u the diections ,pal.if u feel everything is over and ur life sucks ,nothing has left for u and all is against u???u r wrong.u just feel down and if u give it a break in an hour, day ,week ,u 'll find out new meanings and me.i had the chance to survive and find out how wrong i was.u dont have to try.i have been there john believe me.comfort handshake head banger wink cheers cool
John- I still dont understand why you have not gotten professional help. Seriously....sad flower
U know, whe she's the world for you, when she's all that actually matters ... when she's you top priority and u plan your life around her, then u'd easily give your life for her. When she's gone, u simply see no future for yourself. Its like your future is simply pain, sorrow ... a total agony .... then the thoughs start comin along ... is it worth livin such a shit life??

As times goes along, U get used to d shit life .. but u know ... IT NEVER HEALS ..

Is that what this is all about, a woman? Oh man, you had me worried John. If you are driving down the road and one of your tires blow out, sure, you feel like crying, but what do you do? You replace it. John, if this is about a woman, you need a replacement woman.cheers

Looks like you like to cook. That's a big plus in finding a woman, as many of them like to eat. Your a good looking guy and you can cook, shouldn't be that hard.dunno

John, have you tried yet? For real. There are probably a number of woman in your area on there. This site is more international, not so local, at this time anyway. Or craigslist. Just make sure you don't use your main email address as you will get a lot of spam too, but there are a few real woman on there too. John, you went fishing and your fish got away. Now is not the time to end you life just because you're still hungry. Go get your pole back in the water, you're waisting valuable time. And by the looks of it, your age, you will not die from hunger for a long

Those are only hunger pains you are feeling.
Suicide in my mind is a selfish self centered act...yet requires so much courage to carry out... If the courage it takes to end a life was applied to saving it, perhaps more would be done to prevent it......

Suicide is a tragedy that affects everyone an individual knows..... It's tragedy strikes hardest not at the person whose life has been tragically cut short, but the survivors of said act.... Those feelings can range from realizing ones own mortality in the face of losing someone they know, to extreme devastation to immediate family and loved ones dear to the person, instilling overwhelming grief, seasoned sometimes with guilt at having not recognized someones personal inner torment...

I lived with a woman whos son I helped raise from the age of 7.... When we split up eight years later, the boy and I had a great repore... I still have a video of him catching his first fish he caught while on a backpacking trip.... His first car was to be a 64 pontiac convertible... it still sits in the garage... He killed himself by large caliber handgun, which he had been trained his whole life to respect... The location was his uncles house... a beautiful place totally remodeled which had to be sold at tremendous loss due to the discovery of his body inside the house by his 10 year old cousin.... He was a very personable young man, straight and tall, bright, and totally giving of himself... I still mourn him.... 15 years later... a life that never even had begun.

In contrast to this, I have a friend who is younger than me, fighting for her life with stage 4 cancer... everyday is a miracle to her and her family.

The classic Christmas film "Its a Wonderful Life" is all about the affects of suicide....

There is a video you can find on Hulu called The Bridge... It is a documentary of people who killed themselves jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge in a single year... It interviews the family and friends of those who chose to senselessly end their lives...and even includes one survivor, the impact of his injuries, and his renewed sense for living....

There is also a website that publishes actual suicide letters....the fate of the authors remains is only a site to publish said letters, to which, after reading many, one feels the depression and devestated state to which these desperate authors availed themselves.....silencing their pens forever....

It is important to recognize that the actual act is usually carried out by desperate people seeking comfort and recognition, or attempting to spare themselves shame or failure in the eyes of others.... No matter how you shake it out... Its everyones resposibility to watch over each other everyday... and never miss the opportunity to hug someone you care about, or pass a few kind words to those whom your lifes interaction means so much... Never discount the effects negative words or actions could play out in the psyche of those whose propensity for suicide exists...if even you dont realize it... We all have a lifes drama to play out within ourselves... what most of us dont realize is how much that drama is interwoven with others...and how much we truly need each other.....that each loss creates a void that can never be refilled..... Think about it.
sorry to hear that easywriter. my uncle committed suicide 10 years ago 6 months after he retired from the cpd after 35 years working he bought a beautiful big house in the suburbs had a great pension it was clinical depression. took his service revolver and blew his heart out in the rec room. depression and mental illnesses are very real can happen to anyone. john you should consider talking to someone professional about this i read ur blog before don't know if ur heart broken over a girl or it's something else talk to someone about it that can help you.angel cheers peace
Hey there Blackhawk.... thank you for your consolitory words...
I take it your name is in direct reference to the ice hockey team... I looked at the 70 after the name and it brought back such memories....

In 1970 the Chicago Blackhawks were in the eastern division of the two division NHL... Chicago had Bobby Hull, Stan Makita, Keith Magnuson (RIP), and Tony Esposito.... The Boston Bruins had Phil Esposito (Tony's brother), Wayne Cashman, Gerry Cheevers, and the great Bobby Orr....

These two teams were relentless rivals all year.. with Chicago having the edge in wins during the regular season... The NHL race had never been as close as it was that season... When the final bell tolled and the season was over, both teams were tied for first...with Chicago being awarded first place on the basis of most wins....

The Bruins went on to sweep Chicago (sorry) in a very anticipated showdown for the eastern division championship... and finally went on to sweep the St. Louis Blues as well which ended in the most memorable moment in NHL history... the infamous "Flying Goal" scored by Bobby Orr to win for Boston its first Stanley Cup in 29 years... It was a very memorable year in hockey indeed..... cheers
"Suicide is a tragedy that affects everyone an individual knows..... It's tragedy strikes hardest not at the person whose life has been tragically cut short, but the survivors of said act.... Those feelings can range from realizing ones own mortality in the face of losing someone they know, to extreme devastation to immediate family and loved ones dear to the person, instilling overwhelming grief, seasoned sometimes with guilt at having not recognized someones personal inner torment..."

My brother committed suicide 21 years ago .... his birthday just passed and sometimes even after all this time, its difficult to let go of that pain. Our family has never been the same.

The tragedy is that it didn't need to be - there is help. One just needs to ask.
your welcome easywriter you really know ur hockey thumbs up yes my handle name is for the 2010 stanley cup champions chicago blackhawks thought i'd never see that day after they won it last in 1959. lol i was born in 1970 i remember going to games in the late 70s with those guys . LEGENDS i love hockey i miss the old chicago stadium especially st louis blues and detroit red wings coming into town. blood on ice games. if they even played to stop fighting .laugh my cousin ust to drink with keith magnuson angel RIP indeed. man are you a professional writer lol quite a way with words . perfect handle easywriter .thumbs up good luck to ya. cheers peace
Dear Langleygirl....

I offer you my belated yet heartfelt sorrow for your loss... You emphasize the point that a persons personal decision to make such a fateful decision carries on for years in the hearts to those who loved them.... and so I wish to make a suggestion...

Christmas or some other similiar holiday is a time of year when the family gets together and gifts are exchanged.... Perhaps you should take the memories of your brother, and in keeping with his most precious thoughts about everyone, either buy individual gifts that match and would remind everyone of him, or perhaps individual gifts for each family member that examplified the relationship he had for each one of you.....

You should wrap these gifts addressed to the recipient, yet tagged anonymously, and bring them with you (if Christmas) to the family gift exchange.... During the exchange bring up past stories of past holidays including your brother, if not too painful, and bring his memory to life, hopefully in laughter... then after all the gifts have been exchanged, retrieve the gifts you have wrapped anonymously, and exclaim that they were delivered at your house.... Then give them out...and in the silence that will follow, simply say... "I wished the whole family to be together for this holiday, including (your brothers name)"..... the rest will happen on its own.... Your family needs to grieve and cry together and set your brother to final rest.....Its been too many years to live with such agony... sad flower
hi langley girl im also sorry to hear that about ur brother .angel i felt i needed to write you cuz i was writing about hockey while u were writing about your brother . sorry about that. good luck with everything .cheers teddybear peace
Mr Blackhawk,

You are quite the gentleman sir, and deserving of my undying respect for your remarks to Ms Langleygirl... I tip my hat to you sir.

i was writing the comment back to you before she shared that about her brother . thought it was the right thing to do . stay cool easywriter i forgot about the minnesota north stars those games were the best. i went to a fight and a hockey game broke out. lol take it ez easywriter .cheers peace
arch_angel you are SMART :-)) So remember you are still on this planet for a good reason grin
What ever you decide john, I'll respect your decision. Ultimately it's your life and I'm a libertarian. I just hope you consider any pain you may cause others that love you and whether or not they deserve to be treated that way by you.

But to respond to your original statement/question, yes, people think about it, probably most of us have thought about it at some time, on some level, and some people do it. If you are really considering doing it, then take 111's advise, seek professional help.
Just google "suicide hot line" and you'll find phone numbers to call. But only call if you're really thinking about it. Because once your name is in the system, well, who knows...
I believe suicide is a selfish act. It's a whole lot easier to leave than it is to stay! Just remember tomorrow is a brand new day. I also agree with the change of scenery etc...
It depends on the circumstances. For example, if someone is old and terminally ill due to a sickness, I believe they should have the right to determine if they want to live suffering or die by their own hand. The only way that is selfish, is for me to tell them they have to keep suffering because of my beliefs.

But I know what your saying nikki(the ex wife of the booger eating m**turbating cartoon watcher)...yeah I remember youlaugh
My uncle died of suicide it was awful went on a holiday somewhere and had to come back it really hurts people. Suicide if anyone needs help go to somewhere for help beyond blue and helpline they'll help u
for those ,who think ,they know ,i suggest to shut up a bit .to kill urself is a VERY brave act.since the time i tried to do so ,i also believed its a cowerd's act.
but it needs to have balls and i took me a whole night to find the courage to do it.and ofcourse it wasnt a woman , or something stupid ,pushed me so.its a selfish action 1000% ,but how could it be diffirent???
doh frustrated comfort peace head banger confused
the way I see is: "suicide is the ultimate courageous act to indulge in cowardice"

Courageous cause, yes it takes balls indeed to fight all your survival instincts and kill youself.

Indulge in cowardice cause, hey bro! ... you are simply avoiding your probs/responsibilities instead of facin/fightin 'em ... THAT'S PRETTY COWARD.

Then again .. all my admiration flows to all those terminally ill and still believe and fight till d last breath ... it so much not like me ...


am sorry to hear that we risked losin u ... but yes bro ... even god rejected you ... u're a total reject by definition LMAO!

kiddin aside, am glad u're still around (:
the definition of loser????
if u cant even kill urself??/
so pathetic???one more reason to kill urself,dont u think?????rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing cheers
PS:it was a moment of great despair, loneliness,nowhere to turn on,
loosing ur dignity and your good name in the market.
leaving on a limb friends and colleagues for decades.having been betrayed by your best friends and close associates.when you have been stolen 75 000 Euro within two days. money that has accumulated to pay your obligations, to banks and suppliers.
i am glad i am still around bro,but back then i had no choise.or at least i felt so.cheers
we dont have to worry ab john.
he is such a weeper and a pu**y too.
as long as ,i remember him heis crying for some lost love of his and calling bad names young ladies like moonlove.
ha doesnt have the guts or the balls to hurt himself.
am i right john??????rolling on the floor laughing banana head banger comfort frustrated cheers
you are right its not about me i have a girl she is far away im fine sometimes i just wonder and watch as people walk by me to dreee im fine i don't want are need professional help im alive im happy im alive im happy and i have friends and to everyone thank you for your comments
john , never mess with "proffesional" help.NEVER.STAY AWAY FROM THOSE BUTCHERS.all we need is in our mind.and friends can help us pull it out.tccheers
thanx i won't i don't want are need professional help im as happy as can be by the way my girlfriend is davinadia
i know john.d. is my friend too.
handshake cheers
If someone wants to suicide on the street, he runs across the street when the traffic light is green, he chooses a truck or bus to hit him, think that he can die in half second.
When the truck hits him and runs away, people will judge the truck driver, since they don't know in fact he intends to suicide, will someone advise him prior to suicide to choose red ferrari or hummer so people will remember that he dies because of ferrari, or ask him to choose a car driver a famous business man so he will not run away but take good care of his body ... huh
There is a TV movie "Dark Justice" - justice maybe blind but it can see in the dark, have a nice day cheers
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