The Awakening. . .

Many of us believe that with the comming of this winter soltice we are entering the era of the shifting of human spiritual conciousness. . . .
For life is a matrix, life is a pararel universe. . .
The most eyes viewable things that occurs during the coming of this era is the awakening of spiritual conciousness. . .
Many people will expirienced the strangest things that out of their logical mind explanation. . .
Many people will be lead the way back home and will be encountered to their soul brother and sisters. . .

My next blog will be about how to know if you are one of them. . . .
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Just as long as we don't get potato blight, then I'm happy missusdrinking
Just as long as we don't get potato blight, then I'm happy missusdrinking
Dear Alexei
i am from indonesia, i do not understand what is a potato blight. . . Is that some sort of mashed potato. . Lol. As long as you are happy Alexei. .
Aye, Happened when I was a wee lad it did, t'war a long winter then I tell you teddybear teddybear
i know already some of me.hope u'll help me see more.wink wave
can't wait for the big aha ! hmm...yeah ! RIGHT !!! how did she know ??? tinfoil hat
confused Err Kasih. You're only just north of us so the winter solstice has been and gone.

And now we're edging closer to the spring equinox it means.....

I'm wakening! boogie

And Alexei....... I swear the main reason my old man moved here from Ireland all those years ago was his fear of another potato plight.

Fair dinkum! If he had his way he'd have 'em for breakfast, lunch and dinner... every day!laugh
@Billy, sure with a name like billy, where would ya be had, here what time are we over there middayish? must ask alfi too, you two are always on the same shift as me laugh
It's 9.10 in the morning here.....

And it's time I got some work done!laugh
did i hear my name???
its 3:00 a m here ,inthe middle of the summer and on the middle also of the worst finaancial crisis .what can i do for u gentlemen???dunno confused doh yay sleep
@Billy - "I'm wakening! boogie" GEE!! was it Kasih? I swear, I see a glory above your head.. hmm..where have I seen this picture before - mother Mary with child? wow
lucky us ?????????? dunno
Dear Alfibarios
you know your life better than me dear friend. I could only wishes you that you found "that" true happiness of yours . . . :-)
i am tying dear kas ,but i fell from one diappointment to the other.till now.maybe something seems to change.tks bouquet comfort wine help wave
maby the strange things has already started because i finally see happiness for me
Dear 2maybe
hmmm. . . There's a maybe for everything. And when we limit those possibilities we lost our chance to grow and explore life to its fullest. I love life, i love everyday i am able to learn something, to hear others point of view, by collecting all of those facts and study where those idea came from i could provide my self with the big picture . . .
Tk care
Dear billyfatwas
awakening have many meanings but those who knows it knew exactly what i meant. Have a great day.
With a little adjustment from human's way of life, human will get lucky Adamisk. . . :-)
Learn to see beyond the disappointment. That is how this thing actually works. . .
Dear Alfibarios
learn to see beyond the disappointment.
That is how this thing works. .
Dear JohnRaven
i am really happy for you John. You are a kindred soul that got a little confuse along the way. But trust your heart, dont make revenge for those people who hurts you, and keep on loving. For me no matter how many guys dump me or uses me i do not feel any regrets for loving them. Its just another of His Grand Way to show me that he was not meant for me. If people do me bad than it means that they are used to draw out the negative in me and if i refuse to be negative then it will only goes back to them. If you are used in looking at disappointment this way, trust me, no one could ever get you not even life. Take care John.
if u like photography so view

nature can do marvels these days ....
Dear Irfan
first of all i think im still a woman and second thank you for the link...
Dear 10k,
yes, many many wonders to offer. .
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