WX: Too High to Reach

Eagle is always lonely in the high sky. It is just too high to reach for common birds, such as crow.

Crows won’t feel lonely probably as they always flock by groups (Of course, one crow can fly too). That’s why they will never appear in those martial arts novels.

Eagle always comes with the lonely heroes in these novels. It seems that eagle stands for loneliness, courage, pride, strength and so on. Those heroes feel lonely, partly because that nobody can beat them, partly because that their spirit reach so high that nobody can really reach them, or partly because that the only one who can really understand them have already died.

Though it is just novels, yet novels come from the real life. Most of us are just the crows, unable to fly too high, so we always feel happy and thankful. But a few are the eagles, because of flying too high, thinking too much, feeling too sensitive, that nobody can really understand them. As a result, they feel so lonely in this big big world.

Many years ago, when my big family honored our ancestors on a high mountain in Tomb-sweeping Day, we saw an eagle flying in the vast cloudy sky. The vast, cloudy sky. Only the eagle. Its wings didn't swing but it could still keep flying in the sky.

And many birds flocked across us from the grove on the mountain.

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I guess those birds were flocking around ya because there was a soaring eagle looking for dinner.

Safety in numbers.laugh

And the crow has made a few movie appearances..... The Omen, The Crow, The Stand, The Exorcist.......uh oh
The eagle is magical, and can also appear in disguise, as a seagull for instance.. angel ( me in disguise )
Morning BillyFatwas and 2maybe.

Yes, sometimes crows will appear in books or movies. When somebody is going to die or some terrible things are going to happy, a crow or a group of crows will appear.

Disguise? I haven’t heard of that! Can the eagle and the seagull appear in disguise? Later I will check what it is. Lol… 2maybe you are in disguise because of no photo. Me too!
no,no - I am on the right, with wings - the disguise is my glory, if I didn't use it, then Billy would take the lead !! He is sooo difficult to compete with, ..ha..but I have wings !!!
Hi Janmei, i like this blog, your writing is very good, and the content is profound, i dont know why i feel this posting a little sad, but i like this feeling, i think you can be a good writer in the future, when you become sucessful, pls remember to tell me about that, hv a good days, hug cheers bouquet
Hello kcuc0574.. thank you.

A little sad? Ummm.. I think it is because of this subject. Or perhaps I created this atmosphere deliberatelylaugh . Next time I post some funny stuff ha.

No, I don’t want to be a write now. my friends call me “female rascal”, so you can call me this name ha.

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