I've learned....

that no matter how real a person appears to be online, you really ought to take time to check out his/her background. the one thing I never like is someone who says he doesn't smoke just cos many women wouldn't bother with them if they ticked the smokes list. these chronic online liars put up a facade that meets your every whim just so they get to you. scold

the worst experience I've had is to come all the way to the states from my country (philippines) just to find out that the man I thought who would be 'the one' turns out to be the biggest looser on the planet. it's too embarassing to list down the things I should have asked from the start even. how does a person inquire about one's psychological incapacity? or how does one go about asking if he has ED? PTSD? Schizo or worse..is on his last days on earth with CANCER? wow

so when you meet someone online, don't be afraid to ask ask ask! and take the time to get to know each other as thoroughly as you can.
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I agree. Who wants to go halfway around the globe to meet someone with serious problems they have not told you about thumbs up
sound advice belle, its common sense really, something we too readily forget, if you wish to inquire further, im in the dungeon.ha, ha,
Hi there

I am so sorry to hear about your heartache, but unfortunately we all do the same. We act with our heart rather then from a rational state of mind, as we all looking for that one perfect person. Dont be so hard on yourself, as out of this, there has definitely been a learning from it. I'm sorry to hear the person you went to see has cancer, and is on his last few days on earth. Perhaps you do not want to hear this, but if the truth be told you would never have gone to see him, had he told you he's dying. We all do irrational things, when we feel lost, and facing death cannot be a pleasant experience for anyone. At least even for a short while, you brought come happiness to him, and that is something you should not overlook either.

But I do agree, always ask ask and ask, unfortunately we dont as we are scared of often hearing the truth, so we choose not to.

Regards xxxcomfort
I never could understand why a man who had ED would want a woman hanging around.dunno
Yep. It's just commonsense.... which seems to get overruled by desire or desperation in these places.

If ya take your time and think outside the square you will see things much more clearly.beer
So far, you listed:
- documentation from my pediatrics:

Smallpox, Chickenpox, Rubella, Pertussis, Measles, Mumps, Tetanus, Yellow fever, Scarlet fever, hepatitis, rabies,
and also a full sanity check ?

- Further:
criminal records,
school records,
( do you need my records from Sunday ? )

Well, OK - but you want to see my pee-wee in action ? Where do I get the paper, mam ?
For that mugshoot, do you need the ruler to be in inches or millimiter scale ?

Can you repeat that last part in simple English, I had trouble to understand what the details of requirements.

Thank you
Our hearts are real easy to fool and the whole time our brain is telling us no!!!You know better but do we listen.When we think were in love we get stupid.doh
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