The King has captured me ...

My heart beats faster in the depth of the night ...
As I struggle my way out ...
From this powerful wrath ...

But I was too weak ...
To let my self go ...

And so the King finally captured me ...
And pierced my heart with his remarkable love ...

He left me no other choice ...

But to surrender ...

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"And pierced my heart with his remarkable love ..."

Euphemism? dunno

rolling on the floor laughing
Maybe. .
Maybe not. .
Ooh er Kasih. Who is this King? Choose your King carefully because you are the Queen of Hearts grin
surrender is good kasih,trust me ,i know the feeling.hope u r lucky and keep this feeling for along ,long time.comfort yay wine banana wave
Do you know any queens in the capturing business?? Royal affection in my direction would be very easy to accept.
Dear Pixels
no matter who the king is, we all would still be the Queen of our own heart ...
Always ...
Dear Alfibarios
thank you, i really hope so ...
Some how love have provided me with rich imaginations to do silly stories like this ...
Even though it left me, i would always have this romantic pieces of stories of my love journey ...
Dear Hankharlow
ahhh yes, if one comes in mind i will be sure to let her walk in to yer dirrection ... Lol.
in all truth kasih, i don't remember piercing you with anything, although the thought doesn't horrify me, i must admit.


caught out, i am a mere prince billy, you are the king, i know my place, sorry for the impertinence('rolling on the floor laughing');
scold Wrong Ben.

You Prince....

... me pauper!rolling on the floor laughing
Regicide is the only answer in that case. He started it...

Don't know if Kasih would be too keen on that idea.

Or her king!roll eyes
Dear Ben
or prince Billy. .
No the idea of being pierced by love is not horrifying ...
Dear Billyfatwas
did i missed out on something ??
The word king is just an expression ...
I wasn't reffering to anyone ...
Dear Dublin nerd
oh he started this alrite ... He started this at the very first place ...
Did you hear that king? Lol
my heart is wounded deeply
by a lovers arrow pierced
as i bleed to death, from heartache,
your name i still repeat.
violin popcorn thumbs up bowing joy
u and ur king must be in deep love.lucky bastards.happy place happy place daydream flirty giggle
@ Ben ...
Beautiful Ben ...
Beautiful ...
Dear Alfi
King of heart and Queen of heart ...
still captured kas???rolling on the floor laughing teddybear grin cool wave
Yes Alf, i am still captured and pierced. Lol. Was thinking on putting golden earrings on that heart piercing . . . Lol rolling on the floor laughing
HE IS A LUCKY SON OF A B...Hyay bouquet banana wave
Yes he is . . .
banana banana banana
i am aint i.
just checking.still pierced sweet kasih???comfort doh thumbs up head banger banana bouquet
Yes he is,Ben.

Dear Alf,
Still pierced . . . . smitten
and planning to be so for a long time . .
Isn't he one lucky sob . . . ??
grin cheers
being with a doll like u???
just lucky????yay yay
but u look happy .that means u r lucky too.bouquet comfort banana wave
Long live the King! who's he? kiss
Dear Alf
yep verrrry lucky.
He came just when im about giving up hope .... Soo happy ...
Dear Maxmate
hee hee ...
Who's the kewlest buddy ?????? Youuu ;)
thanks for being a friend ...
I hope this happiness last my friend, please wish me luck ...
I need that ...
i am very glad for u dear
hope he knows how lucky he is.bouquet wine yay wave
Trust me he knows ...
yep i knowyay bouquet
Hey Sis congrats!!! :) Sorry I couldnt wish u before :( I'm so glad that you are happy..YOu are a one very nice lady here, and u deserve to be happy :) take care, God bless u..

Ur friend, Melody :))
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