silent tears............

A thunderous silence
breaks through my thoughts.
What was once many great ideas
is now a triumph, lost.

Baffling words tumble through my mind.
Reflections of darkness hover.
A disturbing peacefulness beckons to me,
and inside myself, I take cover.

What would it be like to stay there forever?
To be lost in all my cares?
From the inside, looking out -
I cry silent tears.
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Your English is excellent for a two year old Indian child
teddybear teddybear teddybear
fluffy kissy teddy bears for you...a goochie goochie goo, who's a big boy then? hah....who's a big boy, a goochie goochie goo
is that a lyrics OMG

applause angel very poem my friend and you should join the poetry my friend,that was touching,i like itapplause post this to the poetry okapplause handshake teddybear bouquet
confusedoooopppps,miss the word NICE,,i mean very nice poem dear bouquet
Ya can't post someone else's work in the poetry section.roll eyes
ah indeed, into each life, a little rain must fall.
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