We run at love the first time without experience, with open hearts, and with open legs, this is what makes it fun. We think that it will last forever. Our mate consumes our every wanting thought and for a moment our ego is sufficed. Here in lies the problem, because when this passion ends we experience a pain we never knew existed , and thats when we learn... I WILL NEVER DO THIS AGAIN!!!! But eventually the pain subsides and a nice smile or gentle comment lures us into loves embrace again, and again, and again. Thus is life, but with each new time our love is lessened by experience, and eventually we are nearly incapable of feeling the love we felt the first and maybe even the second time altogether. WHY???? you can say, "because we have learned," or you can call it, "maturity," but the sad truth is we are damaged goods and we don't trust love anymore. THAT IS WHEN LOVE BECOMES CONDITIONAL. doh
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I loved this blog. I just had my heart broken and this was exactly how I was feeling. You said it perfectly!
Couldn´t said it better myself.. i always have this little "hope" .. but... at the same time im affraid to try again...coz the feeling of getting hurt is not worth it
we will all love again, because we need to, temporarily through hurt, we are unable to love for the moment, but when someone really special calls at our hearts again, there will be no yesterdays, there will be only now, and tomorrow.('hug');
right,i got heared your blog;and here is my comment:
where love was ever conditional or unconditional??
and where love was ever hurtful,as you say,or as someone song say:love is hurtful??
if you are a child:you have no experience,and that,s mean according you:love without experience:is unconditional,but when love is tried first or have experience :then love become conditional.

Both of your cases:unconditional love or conditional love:
do not exist in truth!
it is just an expression of this imperfect world,when men or women have no knowledge of perfect world!
So such love:unconditional or conditional =do not exist!


If man is young and have no experience of love:he is virgin,but still in him is the love eternal that if he hear it in his body or soul spirit is much he riched and wised of the pure love knowledge and so he know what is love,though if he is virgin.
But when man or woman even had experience of love and is not virgin any more,still if he/she know not eternal love,he/she know not true love ,but only false love or impure love!

So let me say this as conclusion: THE PURE LOVE NEVER MADE ANY ONE SICK OR HURTED!Any sick or hurt or suffer is because of imperfect life man have in this world.
If man and woman are pure and abide in perfect life:
They have pure love and never any hurt,or any sick or any suffer!

For impure love and pure love are not the same thing but are two different world;imperfect,and perfect.
So is nothing wrong with pure love,but is with men and women, because in sin,they are imperfect and so they feel sick,suffer or hurt,when even they have pure love,till sin is cleaned and erased.then:they have no more:sick,suffer,or hurt,but pure love
will be happy in them and they too are happy.
Hello Fielder.
This is so true. Well said!cheers
Billy, I thought the same thing!laugh laugh
Hello Fielder.
oh my,they multipied w/o sex.i am really scared now.doh frustrated frustrated dunno uh oh help help
thank you for reading my blogapplause
This Yack got hurt again? comfort
first run is makeing a lovely relation with a best frind?but ............near of damage?
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