I know EXACTLY what you want !

Oh sure, you can play all coy and innocent.
But, we both know that's just a truly silly game.
You're not fooling anyone. Well, at least not me.
Face it, your eyes are 'the windows to your soul'.
Whether you admit it, or not, they reveal
your deepest innermost secret desires.
But, it's not only your eyes.
For someone who can truly read you,
it's written all over your face.
More than that, your body language speaks loud & clear.
Thus, just a passing glance from me and
I can tell EXACTLY what you want and how badly too.
There's no use in even attempting to hide it.
You more than just want it.
The truth is, you want and need it so bad,
that you can almost taste it.
So, lets drop the thin veil of supposed mystery
and get together so I can fullfil your
wildest dreams and give you the complete satisfaction
that you so desperately need..
Yep, I've got chocolate ! laugh

---- IMAGE REMOVED because photobucket.com no longer allows embedded images ----
This surprised me. I thought it would be a 'Kit Kat' bar. laugh
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i bet the bar in the video tastes nice, uuummmmmm im hungry
I thought you were Irish. grin
hi jim,ben has a 20% of hungarian in him.
i dont want a chocolate right now i'd prefer a sandwitch.lol and i am sure alexei would pefer a saucage.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing cheers
im an Irish { MAN } HE, HE.
Al, sandwiches are at Earl's blog. tongue
Brilliant Jim from a chocoholic..cheers
who the f..k is earl jim???i really need a sandwitch now.confused help uh oh cheers
Hi Jim, how are you doing? It has been a long time !! Hey, I really love your Blog and the attached video, wow, wow, wow.

Very true what you've said there and combining it with the bar of chocolate, nice. I can see from your words that you're a very romantic and passionate young man and I'm sure most of the ladies here have noticed that too !!

I'm looking forward to more of your Blogs dear Jim, they are very very interesting!! Keep it up !!thumbs up I'm glad this site has access to post Blogs, Poetry, Forums, because they say alot of the person: His/her innerbeauty, thoughts, character, showing us their sincerity and warmhearted minds. kiss

Afterall, we're all looking for love, right? Keep great, happy and positive all the time my dear, my warmest hugs to you. Enjoy your Sunday !! hug
one wonders What The Hell that chick was doing with a snickers bar shoved so far into her undies that he needed to burrow halfway to china to get to it???? ewwww, hope the undies were clean ...
ben, you cant be hungry again already lol ... you already had your snack of charcoal sausages...
i only ate one sausage thanks to you, and your massage oil, i must be entitled to a free rub as compensation, oh god, why did i eat that ('barf');barf barf barf
I'd like to know how that bloke is gunna open that Snickers bar without all the warm, runny chocolate sticking to the wrapper.confused

And I wonder where Ben keeps his charcoaled sausage......hmmm
the charcoal sausage is in safe hands billy, awaiting the massage oil.('rolling on the floor laughing');
billyfatwas ... be thankful that that warm sticky chocolate is on the inside of the wrapper ... it could be worse!!

ben999 ... whatever lol, everyone knows that overcooked sausages split and explode haha ...
The Earl of Sandwich was the INVENTOR of the sandwich

i thought he was lord sandwitch.sorry,i know the story but i was confused.any way i made a salad and fooled my hunger.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
i never thought that techology , could turn our pennises to chocolate bars.nicepeace cheers
I want to try this trick tomorrow ... hahahaha rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing banana
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