I have seen lot of girls..

When an average guy/men offer pure and genuine love to pretty girl/women..she may not accept or just ignor them..just hurt them..dont understand their genuine love..

And the same time..

Girls are behind the play boys and fall in love with them.…who want just sex or short time relationship..for time pass…

At last…they get hurt and just used by play boys..
But still an average guy..loves her deeply..

I don’t understand the psychology of these girls/women why they do this..

Can anybody explain me??
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well then be a playboy, and when you get a lovely girl, show her how nice you are, if it aint working, change tack.

Some women just want sex, sex and more sex without committing to a relationship.

So.... where the hell have they been all my life?!sad
yeah billy ... if u know any, please let me know ...

I haven't a clue where they are.dunno

But apparently Romatik does. Ask him!laugh
am i being left out off the loop here, ah; i mean hello, whats the crack.
Its called living on to the max...

And when they are finished with play boys...

They will knock on your door Romantik...

i drive brandnew vehicle only..i never use secondhand....

so no way...rolling on the floor laughing laugh
Everybody likes a challenge.
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