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i have a profile on facebook and i had made a friend on a dating website, we then exchanged facebook informations, we then lost contact as usual with facebook but i forgot all about our exchange when one day i had received a call from some guy warning me to remove her name from my profile, when i asked why, he said it was for my own safety. i removed the friend,being that we havent spoke in a while and felt it was the best thing to do, im not interested in confrontations with strangers. as the weeks proceeded i received a message from the girl, lets say her name was kelley , apologizing for her ex and explained that they havent dated for over 3 years but she keeps in contact with him recently, i have no idea who he is and i have never met kelley, i have numerous death threatening calls in which i have recorded and presented to the police, i have the power to have him incarcerated for aggravated assault but il have to always look over my shoulder ,where ever i go from that point on. so my only request is that if you meet someone online there should not be too much information where to reach you and or where you live , to a perfect stranger.
i have relayed a message to the stalker that i will press charges if her ever contacts me again ,so i hope its the last of it . and ladies if you are dating someone who is too controlling, get rid of him and do not make small talk, i have had it with women with low self esteem ,im only interested in a woman who is confident and beautiful inside and out.
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Two friends and myself were stalked on the way down to the beach yesterday.... 2 very suspect characters, they settled down there within visible distance from us, and just sat and stared while we sunbathed ...... not very nice experience, quite eerie actually!! We eventually moved and managed to lose them!
i was stalked for hours in a relentless fashion, by a 6 foot blond, alas, just when she caught me, i woke up.,,, no laughing matter for those who suffer in real life, most of those who carry out this type of frightening activity, are absolute born cowards.
exactly krzifngrs,

I have been on here less than a week, and already had to block three men who emailed, flowered, requested IM and bothered me incessantly. One of them 17 times in 12 hrs. I reported them as well, after I emailed them and told them in no uncertain terms were they getting any of my personal contact details and to back the hell off.

If that is what they are like with an anonymous stranger, god help any woman they considered "their property".
Oh my , i just gave my facebook to him , how stupid iam now
just thought that he is a good man..
i am a good man,('devil');
really ben??? is that so?? wow
Hi--just finished reading your very dizzying spiel. I don't really spend much time on computers, don't want it as a lifestyle, so to speak, and if you don't mind, I have a few comments. All this internet "angst" you experience, it's kind of like, if you bang your head on a cupboard then you close the cupboard. Kapiche? Go out and about, meet real people in real places, it's really better that way. Not trying to yank your chain, but you are handsome, intelligent, what's the holdup? You don't need all this fal de rol on the internet. Seems like bad vibes to me, and you are such a great catch, I would think, so do it the old fashioned way. Good Luck, Bud.handshake
i had to leave another site i was on because a stalker just would not leave me alone, i never feared him too much after all he was a person just behind a screen who could not really harm me untill he turned up at a event i organised two wks ago (gulp) the person behind the screen is a person that can walk in to your life just like careful as to who is watching or reading you but how??? by hiding only me thinks hole
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