How have you got on?

I am a bit sceptical about on-line dating and was wondering if anyone could have a chat and tel me how they have got on. Many thanks. Andy
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Hey man, I think that some people have had a lot success in the online dating world. Not me personally, but i know of one woman that has met a guy in the internet - they met in real life, and now are kind of in a semi-serious relationship. So yeah, I don't think online dating is as scary or as weird as it was when the internet was just starting out. Good luck!
The same as meeting anyone anywhere ...... if you "click" then you go forward, and if you dont you just continue the search.

The secret .... to me anyway, and to avoid too much emotional in-put, is to get to meet a.s.a.p so you know which direction you are both going.

I met one chap online, another site, and he got so hung-up I got 270 emails in one month ... and then we met ...... and he was TOTALLY not my type! HAHAHAA ... what a waste of time!
its no different, than any other facet of life, be it work, or play, there are nice people, horrible people, wasters, dreamers, users, and losers, you get street wise after a while, enjoy, and welcome, the good news is there are more good people here, than any other kind, best to you, happy hunting, ben
Many thanks for your advice. Probably ends up being adictive. I will give it a shot and be positive about it. Nothing to lose I reckon.
thats right, nothing to lose except your virginity, just like the rest of us,. i suppose we all have to lose it sometime.('rolling on the floor laughing');
Sceptical or not, at least we have to try to get a wider community, meet more people, in real life or in the net ..
Mean while u have to be patience, and are very advised not to focus on these things too much.
U still have to had a life of ur own.
Work,friends,familly,hobbies ...
So when love is still not found then u would know that u have live ur life to the fullest and that is a positive thing and u will feel positive too ...
But, sometimes love came unexpectedly and there is no place u can hide ...
Good luck.
I met my man here and i am a very very lucky girl.
hello kaarien, nice to hear a happy ever after, wish both of you the best for the future, now that you have no further use for it, mail me the secret formula. ha, ha, ben, best to you and him('hug');
Freeanfriendly to be totally honest on-line 'dating' or seeking is absolutely no different to doing the same search in person. I have found the men I chat too are exactly (yes exactly sooo disappointing) the same as the ones I meet in person. There seems to be no cultural barriers either. Men are men are men the world over.

I guess at first I convinced myself they would be different; better even. That is far removed from the reality.

Luckily I like my own company so being alone for the rest of my life is not terrifying. However...the search continues because also being alone is not my preferred option.

Goodluck to you sweetheart. I hope you find your true love soon!

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