The Whispering Shadows

The Whispering Shadows

Beads of sweat scurried horizontally from each temple occasionally leaping from facial skin and glancing off the rim of each ear…disappearing into the darkness. I glided with speed, each leap….into unknown spaces, with my chest thrusting outward and my legs seemingly struggling to keep up. This air hurriedly cooling and causing misty bursts from each exhaling breath…this combined with near exhaustion , my lungs fumed with over exertion. As I gradually succumbed to this darkened place and it’s indigenous creatures, all around me smothered my feeble efforts to escape. Now the density of this darkness clings to my body, grinding me to almost a halt. The slackening of speed allowed the shivers to grow and crawl my spine, resting on the tethering hairs of my neck. Those haunting voices resonating more and more, louder, closer, gaining on my weakness now. I’ve come to the end, yet so far I could go. Electrical pulses in my brain are losing their spark, almost causing a complete physical and mental breakdown. I fell to my knees, sliding forward on this midnight dew , and I quickly spun my body around propping my back against the coldness of this eroded stone, but not yet raising my glance upwards for fear of what I might see. The wind, though howling at a distance and inviting leaves to dance in the light of the moon, reduced to whispers, in the presence and in anticipation of what these huge obelisks , looking like skyscrapers from hell, were about to do to this intruder. This gathering above, snarling down on me, each with the intention of delivering a fatal blow. Their shadows, each etching their way across every available surface and turning to crumbled dust all before them. These shadows eerily manipulated the whispers of the wind, whilst smothering dappled moonlight trying to break through the trees above. My heart now thumping with fear…… fear of what these eroding obelisks and their shadows are, and what they will do.
Paul Gallagher Dec 09
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Can I come out from behind the cushion now? grin

Very dark and mysterious write Paul.. for a moment I wondered if you where turning into a Werewolf?.. wow

I have a feeling a 2nd part is to come?
Great write Paul..

Ljj angel
not advised to come out from behind the cushions yet ladyjj, until you find out whats lying in wait in the shadows, might be just a kitten, pussycat, or is it? on second thoughts move over, is there room behind the couch, nice one paul, keep them coming. ben('writing');
Thanks Joy and Ben !!....there may just be a sequel !! lol ! Paul
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